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Chris Brown Investigated After Allegedly Threatening Woman, Fans Call SWAT Involvement ‘Excessive’

Chris Brown is in a stand-off with Los Angeles police after allegedly threatening a woman with a gun (Twitter)

Chris Brown is reportedly in a standoff with Los Angeles police after allegedly threatening a woman with a gun. (Twitter)

Chris Brown is embroiled in yet another legal saga. This time, it allegedly involves a weapon.

TMZ reported Los Angeles police were called to the singer’s Tarzana, California home early Tuesday morning after a woman accused him of pulling a gun on her.

Brown stayed in his home with friends, including fellow singer Ray J when a man showed up with “uninvited guests.” The visitors included two women who others asked to leave. One – a beauty pageant title holder – filed a police report against Brown for allegedly threatening her with a firearm after an argument. However, another guest said the crooner was asleep the whole time.

Ray J, who was getting tattooed, left the home sometime later. Police handcuffed him at the end of Brown’s driveway and took his BMW. After checking his identification, officers let Ray J go but his kept his car. He caught a ride home instead.

Police sources anonymously told the Los Angeles Times that the LAPD’s Robbery Homicide Division is handling the case because of the high-profile suspect.

Brown’s lawyer Mark Geragos and the LAPD’s tactical warrant support unit were headed to the home by 9 a.m.

Beyond the local officials, TMZ reported the SWAT team was also en route to the singer’s estate.

At around 1 p.m., authorities reportedly found at least one gun, other weapons and drugs from a duffle bag Brown tossed from the home.

Though he has not spoken to police, Brown took to Instagram earlier this afternoon to comment on the matter.

“What the f— else do y’all want from me bro? I stay outta the way taking care of my daughter, do work,” he said in the first clip, mentioning the helicopters and police presence. “Every three months y’all come up with somethin’ bro. What is it?”

“I’m innocent, I’m tired of hearing this s—,” he said.

He also discussed the lack of urgency police had for his past stalker incidents.

In a follow-up clip, Brown addressed speculation that he “barricaded himself” in his home.

“For what? I ain’t did s—, I ain’t do s—,” he responded.

After proclaiming “Black lives matter” he also said, “f— the police.”

In a final comment on the matter, Brown plugged his music and said he only cares about those “defacing my name as a person and my character and my integrity.”

As TMZ reported that police are waiting for Brown to exit his home, fans continued to defend the star on Twitter.

Yac House P expressed concern for Brown. He feared the police could shoot the performer for supporting Black lives.

@JackKurDae acknowledged Brown’s past discussions but said the media’s ongoing attacks on him are “deliberate.”

@TheTTT333 called the SWAT’s involvement “excessive.”

Ymanni also questioned why the law enforcement team’s presence was needed over the allegations.

While Zezima Jr. jokingly mentioned police treated the star like he was in the video game Grand Theft Auto.

Still, some question fans’ continued protection of the singer-dancer.

@twentyonesixval made fun of supporters’ usual response to Brown’s troubled actions.

Marcia demanded Twitter stop taking up for Brown, adding he doesn’t care about his Black supporter’s lives.

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