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Tulsa Private School Principal Threatens to Cut Student’s Hair If Mother Does Not


A Tulsa, Oklahoma private school student will have to cut his hair because administrators say the hairstyle violates dress code policy.

According to FOX 23, Holy Family Cathedral School student Lavell Parker was asked to cut his hair last week.

Administrators told Lavell’s mother, Bonnie Parker, the style would be a distraction and does not fit within their dress code policy.

She received a notification from the school’s principal telling her that Lavell could not return to school until he cut his hair.

The school called the hairstyle a fauxhawk. However, Parker says the hairstyle is a fade.

“In our culture, that is how the boys are wearing their hair,” Parker explains. “Who are you to tell me that you [the principal] are going to take my son to give him a hair cut?”

Parker adds that the hairstyle is not distracting and she will not cut his hair.

The school has gone on record stating that Parker agreed to the policy. But her son has worn the hairstyle for a year without complaint until now.

“I think it is nice,” Lavell tells the outlet. ” My mom likes it. I like it. I’ve had this hair for so long and I like it. ”

In the news report, the school superintendent is willing to have a discussion about the policy.

There may be a policy change in the near future as well.

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