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Teacher’s Remarkable Black History Art Celebrates Blackness and Beauty

black history month class art

Marguerite Thompson’s Facebook post has more than 43,000 shares. (Facebook/Marguerite Thompson)

A New York City teacher is going viral for her unapologetically Black classroom art in celebration of Black History Month.

Marguerite Thompson said on Facebook Tuesday, Feb. 13 that she recreated a piece of artwork on her classroom door “in the spirit of Black History Month.”

“It was a source of inspiration for us as we continue to create memories of self,” she said of the choice made by her class. “We named our door ‘Adebayo’ which means ‘the crown meets joy’ in Yoruba. This name is fitting as we celebrate the beauty in our blackness, and challenge societal standards of beauty. Happy Black History Month from my class to all of you!”

The post was accompanied by images of the massive artwork. It featured a Black woman in a huge afro appearing to wear a shirt adorned with photos of civil rights leaders and heroes like Malcolm X, Shirley Chisholm, Michelle Obama and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. She sportd a Kente print bow in her afro and her shirt had a Kente print border.

Several commenters praised the artwork for its creativity and positive embrace of Black culture.

“Very creative and priceless,” one person commented.

“So beautiful!!!” said another. “So proud to see excellent positive in our young kids.”

“Love this so much!!!” someone else remarked.

“We need more of this in Our schools, another said. “Teach Our children about there history. Job well done. I love it.”

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