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Furious Parents, Students Force Kentucky High School to Lift Ban on Natural Black Hairstyles

A high school in Louisville, Kentucky has suspended rules banning natural hairstyles in its dress code policies, as of last week.

Atlanta Black Star reported that Kentucky State House candidate Attica Scott was fuming after learning of the dress code policy at Butler Traditional High School.

Scott’s daughter, Ashanti, was registering for school last week and discovered the policy retaining to both male and female hairstyles.

On July 29, Jefferson County Public Schools removed the policy after parents voiced their concerns over racism and cultural suppression, reported WLKY News Louisville.

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12 thoughts on “Furious Parents, Students Force Kentucky High School to Lift Ban on Natural Black Hairstyles

  1. Same attempt by whites that was used against the American natives in prohibiting them having braids and long hair in white runned schools for indians, it was used to destroy their culture and language.

  2. The good Dr Hargans is full of shit. The band was cultually aimed at blacks only. Who else wears braids, locks, puffs and dreads everyday except blacks?

  3. It happened in Canada too. Native (First Nations) children taken away from their families, enrolled in boarding schools, made to look "white" in hair and clothes, their langiage and tradition banned. There was rampant sexual abuse at these schools, generations destroyed. It's Canada's great shame. It's tragic this sort of thing continues.

  4. Kesha Virge says:

    Embracing diversity by banning African culture?! That makes no sense!! They should be ashamed of themselves, whether this has always been policy or not, whether it is policy strictly for males or not, it does NOT matter! Our black men take pride in their culture and how we wear our hair matters to all of us, and screw any Eurocentric school policy that forbids it! We owe you NOTHING and our hair has nothing to do with our education whatsoever. As long as it isn't distracting other students getting a proper education then they should have left this completely alone!

  5. Always something to put Blacks down!..

  6. Jim McBride says:

    more Trump supporters who say there isn't any racism

  7. Next step is to vote out the member(s) that drafted and voted on the policy!

  8. why are black children allowed by their parents to go there? the ban is clearly racist and almost impossible to adhere to if you're black. MY child won't be allowed to attend clearly racist schools and i wouldn't be fighting for them to. their loss! My child's culture and sense of self is more important than some education at a racist white school in Kentucky

  9. Maybe that's the only school in their district.

  10. Mark Schilling Wow i did not know about that nor things like this were so widespread let alone still going on in this day and time. So to sum it up back then cultural styles etc = bad, sexual abuse = good. Amazing.

  11. I was a Marine. In 1970 I was on leave about to be sent to Viet-Nam. I spent all my money and went to the fed bdlg in Detroit to get a plane ticket to California. I was told that I had to get a haircut before they would give me a ticket. I couldn't find a barber. A big mess and John Conyors (D) MI was called in to help. My hair was cut to the prevailing regs at the time but I was shown a picture and it told COs to forget the printed regs and use the picture they showed me which had closer cropped hair than the regs called for. I didn't have to get a haircut, got to meet Rosa Parks and got sent to Viet-Nam as punishment. Hell I wanted to go! UUUUU-RAHHH

  12. Hair grooming codes/standards apply to everyone not just black students. Non-black students at most schools are typically expected to keep their hair trimmed and not too long so the 2 inch rule on the afros is not discriminatory. Weapons can easily be hidden in large afros so this is also potentionally a safety issue. The real issue I think they are trying to address is the hairstyles in question, especially cornrows, have roots in gangster lifestyles which a school should discourage as it is counter productive to a learning environment. The school board should have tried to at least listen to the concerns and explain the reasoning behind the grooming standard change to help diffuse the emotional response to it.

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