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Heather McGhee Explains How Media Helps Cement Racism by Over Criminalizing Black People

On the Aug. 24 edition of “All In with Chris Hayes,” President of Demos Action Heather McGhee and host Chris Hayes discuss her C-SPAN segment focusing on racism.

In the now viral C-SPAN clip, a white caller asks how he can move past his bigotry toward Black people.

McGhee suggests that the caller stop watching late-night news media that focuses heavily on Black crime and not enough on white.

In addition, the commentator recommends that the caller read history, join a diverse church and meet Black people to dispel the acquired myths.

She even reiterates those sentiments on Wednesday’s show.

McGhee and Hayes believe that conservative media fosters anti-Black bigotry by excessively covering Black crime.

As a result, white people believe that Blacks are more dangerous than they actually are.

“Now, we are at a moment where people are taking sides on race,” she states. “It feels like there is a vested interest to deny the existence of racism. There is a very clear narrative that is justifying racial inequality.”

Furthermore, the political commentator has tried to put herself in the shoes of racist whites.

” … You have had to be surrounded by images, stories, myths and narratives as [justifications for racism]. And this is where we are today.”

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