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Philippines President Puts U.S. on Blast: Why Are You Killing Black People?

During an Aug. 20 press conference, the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, confronts a reporter about the backlash his nation has received regarding their policing.

Over the last few months, the United Nations and United States have criticized Duterte for his heavy-handed response to drug dealers.

There have been claims of extreme police brutality and human rights violations thrown his way.

In the clip, the president points out the hypocrisy of the two political bodies alleging that his administration violates citizens’ rights.

“The Philippine government is worried about what is being done to the Black people there in America,” Duterte starts. “[They are] being shot even while lying down. Why are the Blacks being killed on trumped up charges? There’s a hatred there being sowed by their government.”

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