Van Jones’ Answer to Trump Stating Clinton Betrayed Black People: ‘Both Parties Failed’

On the Aug. 16 edition of “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon,” political commentator Van Jones attacks Donald Trump’s Wisconsin speech focusing on policing and Black voters.

In the nearly 2-minute clip, Jones points out Trump’s less-than-stellar approach to reach out to Black voters.

“The reason he didn’t go to Milwaukee is the reason he doesn’t go to African-American communities in general,” Jones says. “It’s easy to talk about a community that you’re not talking to.”

While attacking Trump, the political commentator adds that both Democrats and Republicans have failed Black people in regards to police brutality and other issues.

Moreover, Jones believes Trump’s speech pits Black and Hispanic Americans against one another at a critical time in the nation.

“There is a way to talk to African-Americans about the problems that we have,” Jones explains. “We’re tired of going to funerals. We’re tired of crime. But we are crushed right now between street violence and some unlawful police violence. And if you care about us, you’ve got to talk about both sides of the problem and bring people together, not talk about one side of the problem and try to divide us against Latinos.”

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