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Van Jones Silent as Twitter Rails Against Playboy Playmate Who Called Him ‘House N—–‘

Ariane Bellamar kept her racial slur against Van Jones up for hours before deleting it. (@ArianeBellamar/screen shot)

Political commentator Van Jones hasn’t responded to a Playboy playmate calling him a racial slur, but he doesn’t have to thanks to the epic takedown Twitter issued against her.

Ariane Bellamar wrote the offensive tweet in the early hours of Wednesday, March 15, questioning why Jones isn’t resisting President Donald Trump.

The reason for her epithet was unclear, but Jones appeared on “Anderson Cooper 360°” Tuesday, March 14, and admitted Trump’s 2005 tax returns revealing he paid $38 million to the government would be a good night for the president.

Jones also earned backlash in February for praising Trump’s acknowledgment of a slain Navy SEAL as an “extraordinary” moment in American politics. Many saw the statement as a flip in Jones’ political stance, who urged citizens to resist Trump during 2016 election season.

Jones has been quiet on the racist name-calling, but several people urged Bellamar to delete her tweet.

Bellamar eventually removed the offending post, but Twitter quickly eviscerated her mentions regardless.

One user asked why Bellamar deleted the tweet, which the self-described actress explained away as not wanting to “empower hate.”

Bellamar spent a portion of her afternoon Wednesday, March 15 continuing to defend her bigoted message.

She also used having Black friends and singing along to rap music as an excuse for using the n-word.

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