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Black Beauty Guru Met With Unexpected Backlash in Effort to Push Support for a Black-Owned Brand

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Alissa Ashley (Instagram)

Popular YouTube beauty vlogger Alissa Ashley recently launched the B.O.M.B. makeup challenge on the site, encouraging viewers to buy Black-owned makeup brands. One of the brands she used in the video was Juvia’s Place. Last last week, the online personality aired grievances with the company in a series of online posts.

In a video on her YouTube page, Alissa Ashley – born Alissa Zinnerman – explained her prior relationship with Juvia’s Place. The video has now been set to private and cannot be seen by the public.

In an exclusive statement to Atlanta Black Star, the vlogger said she had to change the clip’s setting because she has her”own brand to protect.”

“Having that video up on my channel for longer than a day would’ve been completely counterproductive to that goal, and it would just allow for this situation to be dragged out longer than it will be.”

According to Black Girl Long Hair, Zinnerman believed she would be sent the company’s new Masquerade Palette, but when she did not get satisfactory responses from the product line, she posted texts between the two on her Twitter account.


Zinnerman explained she was on the public relations list for several makeup companies and only requested Juvia’s Place send her products because she wanted to support Black-owned businesses.


After Zinnerman’s lengthy texts, the company simply replied, “Thank you. Stay blessed.”

The posts were later deleted.

But many thought the 21-year-old was acting entitled.

The vlogger explained her side of the story in detail, tackling accusations of expecting special treatment.

If people would understand that my [so-called] entitlement came from the fact that Juvia’s Place and I have had a relationship – I am an affiliate, with an affiliate code which generates sales,” she said. “And we’ve also created videos together – which were also made at an incredibly discounted price compared to my going rate because I understood that they were smaller and I thought we had a mutual respect for one another – and that the [so-called] free palette in question was actually [supposed to] be sent to me over a month prior to create content, then I think they would stop.”

Juvia’s Place responded indirectly to the controversy on Instagram.

“We currently do not have any Special PR list for special influencers,” it explained. “If you never received/have not received a “care package” that’s because we don’t have a care package to send. … However, We are forever grateful to the influencers who have ever given us a chance.”

We sincerely apologize to customers who still haven't received their tracking numbers we're working day and night. It will be emailed to you shortly. ….. Addressing PR Related issues, we currently do not have any Special PR list for special influencers. When Juvia's Place first started we were turned down /ignored by a lot of influencers because of our size . We learned the hard way and never maintained a list.. If you never received/ have not received a "care package'' that's because we don't have a care package to send. … However, We are forever grateful to the influencers who have ever given us a chance????.. We're a growing business and theses processes take time to perfect.. Thank you so much to our customers they are our number one influencers. ???

A photo posted by Juvia's Place (@juviasplace) on

“We’re a growing business and these processes take time to perfect,” the post concluded. “Thank you so much to our customers they are our number one influencers.”

Twitter became divided on the issue and some did not side with the beauty guru.

@yesterdaydomo disagreed with how Zinnerman handled the situation, calling it “messy.”

@TraceyyHart questioned why Zinnerman would “tear down” the small business while featuring Kylie Jenner’s makeup line in her videos.

@halaljpg thought the YouTube personality should buy the Black-owned product to support the business instead of “demanding” a free product.

Iyssa thought the guru was wrong for her role but acknowledged how unprofessional Juvia’s Place had been.

Crystal supported the star and thought Zinnerman had the right to her feelings.

Jackie Aina, one of the vloggers who took on the B.O.M.B. makeup challenge, came to Zinnerman’s defense.

Alissa Ashley was grateful, calling Jackie Aina the “queen of logic and reason.”

Zinnerman told ABS Juvia’s Place was “unprofessional” and included her sister in the disagreement.

“It really upset me that they pulled my sister into our drama,” she said of the text exchange. “How are you a company airing out one of your affiliates’ sales and saying you’ll post reports? And then, my sister reached out to them and this was their response.”


After expressing her grievances over the company mentioning her sister’s product sales, Zinnerman explained her contributions. The Juvia’s Place employee responded with laughing and crying emoji.


Zinnerman explained the response is “childish” and got two emoji hearts as a reply.



“I can be painted out to be entitled, bratty, etc, but nothing will change how unprofessional they are, and that’s another reason why I removed the video because I refuse to block my blessings by being the one to [supposedly] bring down their brand. They are going to do that themselves by treating people who have supported their brand since day one poorly.”

She explained she no longer wishes to collaborate with the brand.

“At this point, I have zero interest in ever having anything from them featured on my channel. I’m not going to sit there and give them discounted rates, free promotion when I don’t have to, receive late payments and commission, only to be treated like crap once they no longer need me.”

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