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New Jersey Police Chief Demoted to Patrolman for Instructing Officers to Racially Profile Black People

After internal emails from 2014 revealed racist policing, the Wyckoff, New Jersey police chief was demoted Wednesday for instructing officers to racially profile Black people from a neighboring town.

According to NBC New York 4, Benjamin Fox was demoted to  patrolman and will be suspended for a 180-day period.

Atlanta Black Star reported in March that the Acting Bergen County Prosecutor, Gurbir Grewel, investigated the emails.

The American Civil Liberties Union’s New Jersey chapter sparked the investigation after they released the December 5, 2014 emails calling for officers to racially profile.

Here is the 2014 email below:

“Profiling, racial or otherwise, has its place in law enforcement when used correctly and applied fairly. Black gang members from Teaneck commit burglaries in Wyckoff. That’s why we check out suspicious Black people in white neighborhoods. It’s insane to think that the police should just ‘dumb down’ just to be politically correct. The public wants us to keep them safe and I’m confident that they want us to use our skills and knowledge to attain that goal.”

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17 thoughts on “New Jersey Police Chief Demoted to Patrolman for Instructing Officers to Racially Profile Black People

  1. Dee Walker says:

    Crickets….smdh…tell us what we don't already know……just watched a video of a black youth being shot in the back..and the police high five one another…..these race soldiers are really trying to take us out one by one

  2. uuuhhhh no not even a patrolman, thats all we need an ex chief now a more embittered patrolman loose with a gun,,,, FIRED

  3. This is so sad. He is just a drop in the bucket too.

  4. Burke Candy says:

    YOU have got that one very right from what has been happening that seem to be their goal the AMERICAN INDIANS ALL but gone the ABORIGINES ALL but gone it seem this is our time now .

  5. Genie Murphy says:

    Demoted? He should have been fired and banned from ever having a job that requires the use of a gun. BTW, I am a white woman and I support #BlackLivesMater.

  6. So when will Obama go on national tv and say racial profiling of blacks by police is wrong and there is no excuse for it?

  7. Jay Mack says:

    I was going to say the exact same thing.

  8. Diane Cherry says:

    BLUE KLUX KLAN ARE getting away with it legally but unlawfully.

  9. Geraldine Hendrix Jackson Well Geraldine, how about he say it as often as he says there is no excuse for shooting a cop?

  10. Well, they need to balance the numbers don't they….it's so obvious that White communities have a higher crime rate but they have to do all they can to LIE! Even in Australia, it's the same White Criminality is Higher but they still target the Darker races. I think the number of White on White crime surpasses 1OO%!….and some Black people and White will still believe what the Media tells them. We have to really look at all Spectrums of Criminality and under Representation. Look into all the Windows of Society you'll be truely shocked to find the truth!

  11. Didn't Bruce Jenner from that Show Kardashians, Kill a White woman recently and it was all swept under the carpet because he was put in a Dress to Inspire Everyone….and now he wants nothing to do with the Transgendered community and wants to Detransition because the whole transgender lifestyle has its own set of problems and politics of which he doesn't actually agree with!…Where's the Balance and Truth in all of this! It's a Joke Feast!

  12. How can the Poorest in Society be counted as CRIMINALS????…..IT'S A BIG OLD JOKE!!!! and We've all Fallen for it! ha ha ha on US! We shouldn't have to use Reverse Phsycology to Wake each other UP!…but it seems to work!

  13. That's why I say Police can not police their own. What kindf of despline did he get…. he don't need to be DEMOTED, he needs to be FIRED!

  14. As a black woman, working up in Wyckoff for several years, I was stopped at least once a year by cops who were doing "random checks".. Once I was parked in a parking lot on my lunch hour. I dozed off and was awoken by 2 cops .. one on each side. Demaning my documents and wanting to know what i was doing there. MIND YOU, There were several other cars with whites at various locations, with people eating lunch or just chilling. After they "checked" me out, they gave me back my documents and just drove off. Like WTF??

  15. He already has…pay attention. He's said there are bad cops…but he's also said it's is not right to kill police…

  16. They don't givve a dayum about BAD cops/chiefs..they just want to bash black folk…even when 70% of cops are killed/ambushed by white folk….

  17. Gregg Walls says:

    So he had his cops looking for that elusive traveling drug dealer from Teaneck of all places. So dumb. If white kids in his town are buying drugs there is a 90% chance they are buying them from WHITE KIDS IN HIS TOWN!!! But those facts are far beyond some people.

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