White Christian Church Not Ready to Accept Black People, Alabama Pastor Fired for Breaking Protocol


A Butler, Alabama pastor claims he was fired from Mt. Sterling Baptist Church after he brought Black people to the Vacation Bible School Sunday, July 31.

According to WTOK ABC 11, Pastor Jonathan Greer was terminated because he pushed back against being told not to invite Black children to the Vacation Bible School. Church officials say that all types of people are welcome to attend. However, Greer tells reporters otherwise.

“What they really mean is that someone can wander in off the street and they won’t stop them, but they specifically asked me, explicitly, not to invite Black people. I tried to communicate with them that that’s not consistent with Christianity,” Greer says. “[There] was a particular deacon that asked me, and ultimately, two deacons that had asked me not to invite Black people.”

Deacon Freddie Moore tells ABC 11 that Greer was not cooperative with the church and did not work well with other officials.

In his last sermon, Greer talked about racism.

“I wanted the church to know that this is not consistent with the gospel. This is not consistent with God’s word that we honor and give dignity to all people. That’s what the Bible teaches us, and all people are worthy and in need of the gospel, and racism denies that to a certain amount of people,” Greer explains.

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