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#KorrynGaines Long Feared for Her Life, Asked 5-Year-Old Son to Record Encounters with Cops

After a multiple-hour standoff with police Monday afternoon, 23-year-old Baltimore, Maryland resident Korryn Gaines was shot dead by police over arrest warrants and prior charges.

Since the shooting yesterday, video of her previous run-ins with police has surfaced online.

In many of these videos, the young woman appears to fear for her life and even says that cops will “try to fight me.”

In the short clip above, she asks her 5-year-old son to record during a traffic stop this year.

“I want you to record every part,” Gaines says. “Do you understand?”

Even in her last moments, Gaines tells her son that the police were trying to kill her.

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20 thoughts on “#KorrynGaines Long Feared for Her Life, Asked 5-Year-Old Son to Record Encounters with Cops

  1. Additionally Mr SmallpenisCarson…..White men kill their wives and children at a rate of 65% more than anyone else in America

  2. there are twice as many suicides in amurikkka as homicides right now damn near 3x's as many, and there are twice as many drunk driving deaths as deaths with guns

  3. Yeah, she feared for her life, and understandleby so. The rest of the family has to look out for the surviving five year boy. The race soldiers, I'm pretty sure, were disapointed they didn't kill the little boy.

  4. She should have got someone to look after her son, If she knew this was coming. That's the part I don't like. He is left traumatized witnessing the shooting and is now left with no mother. Sad!

  5. Tonja L. Scott-Pate You are right per the news. Why don't we hear about white crimes on a daily basis. Why do we hear their crimes 20 years later on a crime show.

  6. what were they suppose to do?

  7. Kendell Riley they were suppose to let her pay her tickets. Why did they shut down all of her social media before attacking her. Look at all of the videos before you judge her.

  8. Staci Conley says:

    Kendell Riley treat her the same way they treat white folks

  9. Kendell Riley the same thing they are trained to do take her in they always say a black suspect pointed are had a gun so stop acting like you don't hear this same story every time they kill someone of color

  10. Watch the whole 13+ minute video before making your opinion. the few seconds shown above are cherry-picked and don't show a fragment of the whole encounter.

  11. Tulisa Natur says:

    They cut and edited these video to make her look bat shit crazy! I swear that's why they took them down from Facebook and close her account to make sure they could cover their asses!! How come they're aren't showing the content of what she is responding too? It's funny how video is used by police to persecute everyone else but the needs to be "investigated" when it's of them.

  12. Sjp Pickens says:

    God is still on the Throne. We stand with you!

  13. She pointed a double barrell shotgun at them and said she was going to kill them. C'mon now.

  14. The rest of her family was outside telling her to come out and give herself up. The boyfried did it quietly and brought the 1 year old baby out of the situation. She endangered the life of her 5 yr old.

  15. Staci Conley news flash: "white folks" get killed by police at a higher rate then blacks. the media doesn't plaster that all over the place cause it doesn't get any ratings. are we not watching the same video? this woman was off her shit and facilitated this situation.

  16. Evelyn Wellington are you familiar on what police are "Trained" to do in certain situations? i didn't think so. she enclosed herself in her home and actively resisted police with a gun. looking at this video it don't seem like this child had all her marbles and wanted to be confrentational. only part i'm pissed about is her dragging her kid into this mess.

  17. Lalanya Love says:

    Collin Johnson Bitch STFU she had a damn gun pointed and ready to shoot- they waited 7 hours for her to come out peacefully. Listen to all her encounters- she basically tells them to kill her because she is NOT going to abide the laws. It is so stupid to choose to not obey stupid dumb little laws and then end up blowing them up into more infractions and bigger messes. She didnt have to die & no one wanted to kill her. They just wanted her to own up to her charges. Instead she likes creating new ones. So yes, shooting at officers = deserving of getting gunned down. She would not have even have a warrant or an arrest had she chose the safety of her children lives over the stupid material possession of a car. Got her & her babies out the car & let them tow it. But no, she said she rather have a body bag & be separated from her children instead.

  18. Lalanya Love says:

    This woman did not FEAR for her life when she so readily offered her life up many a times in videos she recorded, saying "You are going to have to kill me" & "you're gonna have to carry me out of here in a body bag" in front of her kids. She clearly was using this as some some of threat towards the officers, attempting to make them fearful in their interactions with her. She clearly let them & all the viewers know that she was not afraid to lose her life in the process.

  19. Kendell Riley

    Kendell, unfortunately those with opinions or mental filters like Ms. Wellington are the ones who are the problem. There's a severe cultural behavior problem that starts with said moron above, resonates to their kids and the cycle continues for generations to come. Korryn had the same mindset and you see where it got her.

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