Fearful Houston Social Worker Calls 911 During Traffic Stop, What Happens Next is Troubling


Newly released surveillance footage shows a Houston, Texas social worker calling 911 before being harassed by a Metropolitan Transit Authority Police officer during a traffic stop in March.

According to The Houston Chronicle, 28-year-old Earledreka White called 911 during a traffic stop to ensure her safety.

In the video clip above, the social worker asks the dispatcher to send police back-up.

“I would like another officer to come out here,” she tells the dispatcher. “My heart is racing. I’m really afraid.”

The officer involved has been identified as G. Luca, the Chronicle reports. Luca becomes frustrated with the woman and starts to arrest her.

“Oh my God, oh my God,” she says. “Stop. Please, stop. Can you stop doing this?”

White’s attorney, Zack Fertitta, said the officer initiated the altercation. The video also corroborates that sentiment.

In a Wednesday interview, White told the Chronicle that the incident still haunts her today.

“Being pulled over is not the troubling part — what happened after being pulled over is what baffles me,” White explained. “As I tell the dispatcher that this man is threatening to ‘tase’ me, he backs away, then comes back and literally tries to break my arm.”

The 28-year-old was charged with resisting arrest for the March incident. And her attorneys want those charges dismissed.

As of now, the Harris County, Texas District Attorney’s Office is reviewing the case and the charges against White.


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