Watch: Juan Williams Surprisingly Stands his Ground Against Lou Dobbs’ Insane Ignorance on Race in America


On Wednesday’s edition of Fox Business’ “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” conservative host Lou Dobbs and Juan Williams discuss the Black Lives Matter movement‘s presence at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Lou Dobbs: Looking at Black Lives Matter demonstrating here. Black Lives Matter is effectively a hate group, and it’s discriminatory by its very name.


Juan Williams : When it comes to Black Lives Matter, Lou, I think people are trying to say in addition to the idea that white lives and upper-income lives matter, poor Black lives do matter. That’s not a racist statement.

Dobbs: I think that shorthand is not applicable in discussions where we’re talking about the worth and the value of life. In this country is — always celebrated, it’s a fundamental value, the value of life. And that means all lives, all Americans. And I wouldn’t tolerate something called White Lives Matter.

Williams: Well no, but whites are the majority.

Dobbs: Well, no, I don’t think we are, really.

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