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Juan Williams Comes Out Swinging In Heated Discussion Over Trump’s Attacks On Black Women

Fox News host Juan Williams duked it out with co-hosts Greg Gutfield and Jesse Watters on Monday as they discussed the series of verbal attacks launched by President Donald Trump against his political opponents at a Pennsylvania rally over the weekend.

As “The Five” ran down Trump’s bombastic rally to garner support for Republican candidate Rick Saccone, Williams noted the moment the president switched gears to attack Rep. Maxine Waters, dubbing her a “very low-IQ individual.” Williams denounced the low blow, and accused Trump of “playing on racial stereotypes.”

“Jemele Hill, [Rep.] Frederica Wilson, Donna Brazile,” Williams said, listing the countless Black women Trump has attacked in the past. “Do you remember them?”

Despite being interrupted by his co-hosts, Williams drove home the point that Trump has a “thing” for Black women because he attacks them “with a vengeance and anger.” Watters and Gutfeld disagreed however, arguing that the president has had ugly words for plenty of white women who criticize him.

“If I happen to think that Maxine Waters is stupid, that makes me racist or perspective?” Gutfeld asked.

The three continued to argue over whether it was appropriate for Trump and his critics to attack each other’s character and intellect.

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