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Marvel Announces Complete ‘Black Panther’ Lineup at Comic-Con, Fans Respond: ‘I Am Legit Tearing Up’

Chadwick Boseman Twitter

Chadwick Boseman Twitter

At this weekend’s Comic-Con in San Diego, the long-rumored “Black Panther” cast members were finally confirmed with Lupita Nyong’o and Michael B. Jordan’s appearance at Marvel’s Hall H panel July 23.

Director Ryan Coogler and Chadwick Boseman, who plays the titular character, arrived on stage to promote the flick. Jordan, Nyong’o and Danai Gurira – whose involvement was revealed for the first time – joined the pair. Though it was known that Jordan would be a part of the film and he mentioned working with the “Eclipse” star last month, this was the first time the cast was seen together.

The actors’ roles were also revealed. Jordan will play villain Erik Killmonger. In the comics, the character is an exile from Wakanda – a fictional city in the African nation in the Marvel universe – and Black Panther’s nemesis. Nyong’o’s role is Nakia, who is one of the Dora Milaje – “Adored Ones” – from a rival Wakandan village. Gurira will also play a Dora Milaje member as Nakia’s friend.

Nyong’o drummed up excitement on Twitter when she tweeted a photo of her and fellow cast members at Comic-Con.

Black Twitter reacted in celebration.

@Tchalllaa used a gif to express excitement.

AWITN was on the verge of tears.

Rebecca Theodore had a similar response.

Also at the panel, Coogler – who directed Jordan in last year’s Creed – revealed filming will begin in 2017.  In addition to cast details, the new logo for “Black Panther” was debuted. The image was shared on Marvel’s official Twitter account.

In other Marvel news, the publishing company revealed late last week it will be working on a “Black Panther” spin-off comic co-written by feminist writer Roxanne Gay and poet Yona Harvey. The first issue of Women of Wakanda –  which will feature Dora Milaje members Ayo and Aneka, and Zenzi, a Nigandan revolutionary leader – will debut in November. The move follows Ta-Nehisi Coates’ contributions to the new “Panther” series.

The “Black Panther” film will be released February 16, 2018.

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