Tony-Nominated Lupita Nyong’o Allegedly Skipping Work on Critically Acclaimed ‘Eclipsed’

Eclipsed Broadway

Eclipsed Broadway

Actress Lupita Nyong’o may have stirred excitement for joining the cast of Marvel’s Black Panther, but she has irritated fans for allegedly not performing in Wednesday shows of the play Eclipsed. The Jungle Book star plays The Girl in her debut Broadway role.

Sources tell Page Six the Oscar winner has allegedly been ditching acting duties on Wednesdays, leading producers and investors to become upset with Nyong’0.

“Wednesdays are her days off, but there was never an announcement, so fans are pissed when they come to the show and she’s not there,” one source told the website adding the actress uses exhaustion or “I have a sore toe” as excuses for skipping shows.

One of those days saw Nyong’o hanging out with ballet dancer and fellow Broadway actress Misty Copeland.

“They were banking on her fame and have not seen a return,” the source continues. “The most disrespectful thing is taking off every Wednesday while being seen hanging out with Misty. If you’re too tired to work, stay in bed.”

Another source asserts, “this isn’t Hollywood, and she’s bringing her movie-star privilege to Broadway.”

Still, a separate insider close to the star tells Page Six she is only contractually obligated to appear in seven plays weekly.

USA Today

USA Today

“She’s maybe missed a show or two because she was sick and lost her voice, but she was never expected to appear in Wednesday-evening shows. This is her passion project that she is dedicated to and proud of,” the source says.

Yet Nyong’o has won praise for her role which focuses on a young girl who escapes the Liberian civil war and joins three wives of a rebel officer who are held captive, according to Broadway.

The lead actress made an appearance at the 70th Annual Tony Awards last night where she was nominated for the best leading actress in a play category. The star dazzled in a floral print off-the-shoulder Hugo Boss gown but she lost out on the award to Jessica Lange.

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