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Oakland Police Department Invites BLM Activists to Community Barbecue, The Rejection is Stunning

An Oakland, California Black Lives Matter activist defiantly turns down any invitation to barbecue with the city’s law enforcement Wednesday as protests in the city wages on.

According to Fox 2 news, the Oakland Police Department extended an invitation to  local Black Lives Matter protesters to enjoy a barbecue similar to the recent event in Wichita, Kansas.

The video depicting Kansas BLM activists and police having fun at a park has gone viral this week. OPD was inspired by this and wants to duplicate that type of community outreach.

Fox 2 news spoke with BLM protester Karissa Lewis who claims to be a “Black-liberal farmer” who turned down such an invitation.

Lewis minces no words and says:

“Barbecue’s aren’t going to stop the brutality that Black folks are facing. A barbecue is definitely not going to stop this blockade. And as a radical-Black farmer from East Oakland— I eat pigs, I don’t eat with them.”

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