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Oakland Police Department Invites BLM Activists to Community Barbecue, The Rejection is Stunning

An Oakland, California Black Lives Matter activist defiantly turns down any invitation to barbecue with the city’s law enforcement Wednesday as protests in the city wages on.

According to Fox 2 news, the Oakland Police Department extended an invitation to  local Black Lives Matter protesters to enjoy a barbecue similar to the recent event in Wichita, Kansas.

The video depicting Kansas BLM activists and police having fun at a park has gone viral this week. OPD was inspired by this and wants to duplicate that type of community outreach.

Fox 2 news spoke with BLM protester Karissa Lewis who claims to be a “Black-liberal farmer” who turned down such an invitation.

Lewis minces no words and says:

“Barbecue’s aren’t going to stop the brutality that Black folks are facing. A barbecue is definitely not going to stop this blockade. And as a radical-Black farmer from East Oakland— I eat pigs, I don’t eat with them.”

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12 thoughts on “Oakland Police Department Invites BLM Activists to Community Barbecue, The Rejection is Stunning

  1. With all of the earthquakes out there, they will be in a pickle if the big one hits while they have their necks locked to a big building. Looks pretty ridiculous to me!

  2. They don't want peace, they never have and never will, cant profit off peace.

  3. Roderick McNeese Seriously, did you not see that they had big locks around their necks and attached themselves to a building? Could be very dangerous!

  4. Jim Kennedy says:

    What we want Sharon, is RACIAL EQUALITY. Now did THAT sink in or are you going to pretend to dense? ONE BBQ is NOT going to REMOVE BAD COPS from police forces!

  5. This is one individual protestor. Is this even an identified leader of black lives matter? Though some share these beliefs others don't. The issue with black lives matter is there is loosely established leadership with poorly identified organization, but it is portrayed in the media a s having identified leadership and organization. Some of these people they interview are random ass clowns others articulate and amazing. There needs to be some type of media training for black lives matter and have only certain people able to speak the press. Not to be brainwashed in what to say but trained as to how to interact with the media and other political figures properly and respectfully

  6. Jim Kennedy says:

    We want Sharon, is RACIAL EQUALITY. There will be no peace until then.

  7. Keith Horsey says:

    This rocket scientist didn't just imply that BLM's the profit obsessed party in this creation, exploitation and final destruction of the inner city communities did she? LOL – end of dialogue.

  8. Jim Kennedy says:

    Did they really think that we would trade off the deaths and brutalizations of black citizens for a BBQ?? This is no miscommunication problem between the police and the black community. This is about racial profiling on a grand scale across the country and BBQ chicken is not going to pacify us!

  9. Jenna Renée says:

    There were a lot of others who chimed in, both physically and through tele-means, to express their rejection.

  10. Jenna Renée says:

    You are extremely, excruciatingly ignorant for the way you think. I don't say that to attack you, but simply because there's no honest way around that unfortunate truth.

    The first thing to do to fix a problem is to communicate and interact. To build trust, to get to know each side, to find a place to meet. To find peace. To fix things together.

    That was never about pacifying you. If that were the case, maybe they would be offering you binkies. That was about getting together, to communicate, to try to form a link to each other so peace can be achieved.

    If you really value peace, if you really value the things you claim you are for, then you would be all for any event where two sides would see each other on equal grounds, as people first.

    You are intellectually dishonest.

  11. Ken Montick says:

    what a pos hope karissa lewis needs a cop real soon and she has to thank them whata pos

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