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Omarosa’s Asked if Speakers at RNC Should Declare BLM, Her Response Shows Staggering Ignorance of Trump’s Supporters

On Wednesday, “The View‘s Paula Faris spoke with Omarosa Manigault about her new role as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s Director of African-American Outreach at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

In the short interview, the former apprentice alum says that the party has an uphill battle getting Black votes but there are many African-Americans supporting Trump.

“I’m from Ohio and I can tell you that in Youngstown, Toledo, and Columbus we have incredible support for Donald Trump,” she says this after being asked about the zero percent polling numbers from perspective Black voters.

Manigault says that those numbers are unbelievable.

“I want a country that isn’t divided where we have to outline blue lives matter, Black Lives Matter. I want a country where people can feel safe.”

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