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Spike Lee Has Strong Words for Omarosa After She Accepts Role as Trump’s Black Outreach Director, She Fires Right Back




Spike Lee has voiced his disapproval over Omarosa Manigault’s decision to serve as Donald Trump’s Director of African-American Outreach. The former contestant on NBC’s “The Apprentice” announced her appointment by the Republican presidential candidate Monday.

In an Instagram post made Tuesday that features a sideways picture of Manigault with a clown nose, Lee unleashes a list of insults ripping into the reality star for her decision. He relies on a set of stereotypical characters and tropes to paint a picture of how he views her title.

“Ms. Omarosa Manigault ‘Pic Is Like This Cuz I’m Looking At Her SIDEWAYS,” he began.

“#Who’s Next? Step N’ Fetchit? Aunt Jemina? Uncle Ben? Sleep N’ Eat? Rastus? Lil’ N—- Jim? Omarosa Gonna Give Out Free Popeye’s Chicken With Sides To Deliver Da Black Vote To Trump? YA-DIG? SHO-NUFF,” Lee continued before capping off the post with the #blacklivesmatter hashtag.

Manigault responded to the “Chi-Raq” director on Twitter, though her messages have since been deleted.

“You attack me I can deal with! You attack my mom NOT cool!!” she wrote, referring to Lee previously addressing Manigault as Ms. Theresa “Omarosa” Manigault before he edited the caption. “How does this help our community? You attack my mom?? Wow! #newLow! Your [sic] using the N word and terms that are divide our community?? For a cheap shot at me and my mom?? NOT Cool!!”

The TV personality told MSNBC Monday she was pleased with her appointment as director of Black outreach.

“I am proud to serve in that role,” she said. “It is a very difficult time for our country, but the good thing I know is that I know Donald Trump as a friend. I know his heart … and I know what he can do in this role.”

She added, “It’s really an extension of the work the coalition has already been doing, so I’m very happy to take up that cause for Donald Trump.”

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7 thoughts on “Spike Lee Has Strong Words for Omarosa After She Accepts Role as Trump’s Black Outreach Director, She Fires Right Back

  1. the fact that you even need a "black outreach director" speaks volumes about you and your organization.

  2. Allen Jacobs says:

    Hillary has an "African-American Outreach Team". Yes, volumes.

  3. Allen Jacobs oh you mean that sneaky conniving psychopath named hillary? Like I said…volumes.

  4. Her husband would be so ashamed of her!

  5. Isa Ibrahiim says:

    A Nigressed person will do ANYTHING for a Whiteman's dollar!

  6. Arkayen Nap says:

    Spike Lee relies completely on complaining about bullshit to keep himself in the news. I guess it's because he hasn't been relevant in almost 30 years now.

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