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D.L. Hughley Rips Megyn Kelly for Overly Aggressive Interview Compared to Donald Trump’s Appearance on Her Show

In a July 15 interview with Sway in The Morning, comedian D.L. Hughley shares his displeasure  seeing former Los Angeles cop Mark Fuhrman talk on behalf of the police amid allegations of widespread racism before his interview on Fox News’ The Kelly File.

In the video clip, the comedian says that it was ironic seeing Fuhrman speak before his interview with Megyn Kelly. Hughley says that the former LAPD cop was part of one of the most brutal departments in the last two decades and that Fuhrman got fired for lying about being a racist.

“This is the man you bring on to say that policemen are not racist and aren’t brutal,” Hughley explains. “It would be like a rape victim being talked to by that Standford swimmer [Brock Turner].”

Then the comedian references his heated exchange with the conservative journalist last week over police brutality.

“Megyn Kelly let Donald Trump run all over her. And to get her job back, she basically sucked his d**k on TV and she talks to me like I’m a f**king janitor… She got offended that I would level the charge of racism at her when you have an admitted racist on your payroll.”

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