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Wrongly Convicted Football Player Leaves CNN Host Nearly Speechless as He Breaks Down Role of ‘Privilege’ in Sentencing

In a Wednesday interview with CNN‘s Brooke Baldwin, Brian Banks — who was wrongly accused of rape in 2002 — speaks out about Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner, who was found guilty of the same act but faces a lesser punishment.

Atlanta Black Star reported that Turner, who is white, was sentenced to only six months of jail time for raping an “unconscious, inebriated” female student in a 2015 incident.

Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky sentenced the young man to the short prison term because he did not want to harshly punish Turner. Persky feared that prison time would have a “severe impact” on the athlete.

Banks told Baldwin that he was disgusted by the slap on the wrist.

“The judge in this case totally mishandled the situation,” Banks says. “Something has to be done about this and my heart goes out to the victim.”

Banks points out the racial and economic privilege at play in the case.

“The sad thing about this is that Brock was sentenced based on his lifestyle. Because of that, the conclusion was that prison would have a negative impact on him. But what about the children that have no choice about where they are born and who they are born to … When that kid stands in front of that judge, they see all the negative.”


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84 thoughts on “Wrongly Convicted Football Player Leaves CNN Host Nearly Speechless as He Breaks Down Role of ‘Privilege’ in Sentencing

  1. Lol @judge judy…. Lolol

  2. I can identify with this! The District Attorney and Judge knew I didn't commit a crime of felony theft, (a civil contractual dispute, that Judge Judy was going to hear) and refused to even allow my preliminary hearing to go forward, because they did NOT like my lawyer, and I complained against them. This is the way this court makes money, by criminalizing innocent people. I was maliciously convicted! I dare anyone reading this to look at the evidence. Google: Let's Change the world, Katherine Conner story.

  3. Craig Brush says:

    Omg! I just read all your evidence it is amazing! What made you choose the color green for your bedroom?

  4. Poor grammar notwithstanding, the meaning is clear. This young man of privilege was issued a less harsh sentence due to his and his father's station in life. Maybe he should have considered the possible consequences of his poor choices; but with the sentence he received, he won't have to, and will probably strike again..

  5. Renee Joslyn says:

    Wanda Broaden – I know and understand the meaning. My comment was intended as a reproach to the writer of this piece and the editors who should be mindful that such an egregious error distracts from the point being made. I refuse to excuse poor grammar and writing on the premise that "It's not important – we know what it means."

  6. Truth ! The system has failed, the system is corrupt , the system is racist ! When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bonds which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
    -Declaration of Independence 1776.

  7. Jamahl Jruu says:

    That has to be the most repulsive and demeaning comment a person could make about another, who is a victim. The objectifying of woman is rooted do in this culture. The Greco Roman culture. It's the way it is.

  8. #crimingwhilewhite #whitemaleprivilege

  9. #crimingwhilewhite #whitemaleprivilege

  10. Money solves a lot of problems

  11. Fletch Page Only those who are stupid don't…

  12. Renee Joslyn says:

    Eric Sykes Fletch Page: You are part of the problem and your responses reflect your ignorance. My comments were not addressed to you, but to the writer and editor. Most of my adult life was spent being paid to correct the sloppy writing of supposedly well-educated professionals, so they wouldn't look and sound like ignorant fools and be taken seriously. Bite me.

  13. Skip Nme says:

    Renee Joslyn, you are a sick individual to read this article and all you can think of is flexing some vain empty superiority of intellect. It speaks of the real intellect you have consisting of perverse violence and dominance which is same as the rape and brutality of this case. I can't imagine you having any empathy towards victims of rape, assault, abuse or injustice but use the disguise of improper speech to dehumanize their trauma into just a trivial inconvenience to your self perceived goodness of legalism. You are a sociopath and I am afraid for anyone who may have the misfortune to have any encounter your cruel and sadistic presence. May God have mercy on your pathetic soul.

  14. Skip Nme says:

    Renee Joslyn You'll understand what this mean.
    Renee Joslyn , you are a sick individual to read this article and all you can think of is flexing some vain empty superiority of intellect. It speaks of the real intellect you have consisting of perverse violence and dominance which is the same as the rape and brutality of this case. I can't imagine you having any empathy towards victims of rape, assault, abuse or injustice but use the disguise of improper speech to dehumanize their trauma into just a trivial inconvenience to your self perceived goodness of legalism. You are a sociopath and I am afraid for anyone who may have the misfortune to have any encounter with your cruel and sadistic presence. May God have mercy on your pathetic soul.

  15. Renee Tucker says:

    This isnt the first and surely will not be the last case that plays out like this. For some judges they feel like they are doing some kind of charity work by putting poor, black young men in jail and taking them off the streets for the smallest infractions. Yet you have a white kid that killed four and crippled one while driving drunk and he got PROBATION.. what the hell kind of equality really takes place in the judicial system?

  16. Easy Man. That comment can easily get you in big trouble.

  17. Anna Draper says:

    Marcell Gabriel I was just getting ready to say the same thing.

  18. Lisa Stapley says:

    Marcell Gabriel No, it's "station in life" : Full Definition of station. 1a : the place or position in which something or someone stands or is assigned to stand or remain

    The English Language: It's a good thing to learn.

    I mention Obama due to his lack of following the laws of this nation, like the Constitution, amongst other things.

  19. Did you say Obama lol you stupid

  20. What is "station" in life? Or did you mean "status in life" but you was so fixated on listing the names of people that YOU feel commited heinous crimes. Yeah, I'm still trying to figure out why you mentioned Obama.

  21. @Renee – in reference to a much bigger issue, I think we can let grammar issue past this one time.

  22. Charles Cobb says:

    Lisa Stapley You should stop getting your new from fox. If Obama did anything unconstitutional he would have been impeached. The GOP would love to impeach Obama for anything.

  23. Charles Cobb says:

    You should stop getting your new from fox. If Obama did anything unconstitutional he would have been impeached. The GOP would love to impeach Obama for anything.

  24. @Lisa Stapley – See I wasn't sure….because STATION also means a place where things stand or are assigned. A seond meaning is a stopping place along a route. A third meaning is a place where a person is assigned to work. But you tried to be clever with your definition. Had you said "status" like I think you intended too all along, your posting would had been clearly understood. Like you said….the English language is a good thing to learn.

  25. I can't believe you're putting our President in the same sentence with OJ, as of the POTUS committed some heinous and unforgivable crime. I agree with you up until that point.

  26. Leann Morris says:

    There is a petition on and to remove Persky from the bench and put a new judge in place. I suggest everybody go and sign it.

  27. Leann Morris says:

    being white and having money solves more

  28. RACE SHOULD NOT MATTER (but it does)

  29. healthcare system that works well for those enrolled. The others liste by you are

  30. Robert Lei says:

    OJ Simpson and Bill Cosby got off easy, so I think wealth is more of a factor than race.

  31. blunders or errors by either congress or Republican headed departments that have done everything to hinder progress of this president and his policy intentions. He should not be impeached. He should be commended for finding ways within the law of this land to edge this country forward. He knows the law better than most and has shown integrity and a spirit of peace during his presidency.

  32. Robert Lei says:

    Robert Gregory Miller Simpson got away with murder. Cosby might get away with multiple rapes.

  33. Robert Lei says:

    Robert Gregory Miller Getting 0 months in jail is getting off easier than 3 months in jail. ( 0 months < 3 months ).

  34. Lisa Stapley you hit it right on the head…

  35. Daryl Ford says:

    The point is this…PRIVILEGED!!!!!!! So sad for the girl….If he had been a poor white man, it wouldn't have gone this way…We know how it would have ended up if he were black….definitely not 6 mos….There is no equal justice under the law….There are laws for everyone else….and then there is the law for whites which just happens to b written by whites

  36. What crime did Obama commit?? What are you talking about?

  37. Lisa Stapley Name one crime that Obama committed,PLEASE.

  38. Nikola Zurak says:

    I remember reading about Brian's story before and it doesn't get any less infuriating. I'm so sorry he went through such an injustice and I'm glad he's speaking out about the blatant double standard. The Brock Turner debacle reminds me of another story that had me wanting to facepunch the parents, judge and offender: Ethan Couch, who killed I believe 4 people while drunk driving (because, poor guy, he was suffering the effects of the dreaded "affluenza,") and got a cush stint in a luxury rehab for his trouble. Then subsequently went on the run to Mexico, etc…

  39. Nakela Prude says:

    Lisa Stapley you copied and pasted that? And it's really a shame imo that you're comparing this to all other crimes. Why not just stick to the subject at hand rather than adding other unnecessary stuff in there.

    Your comment about the POTUS has no relevance, although I get what you were saying it still has no bearings on a young kid committing such a heinous crime.

  40. Nakela Prude says:

    Black people have meth labs? That's new to me..

  41. Robert Lei Cosby nor Simpson have been convicted of rape

  42. Jenna Moore says:

    America is a hell hole, this is hell. if you want to country to keep going on you're a wicked person. America will be destroyed in the near future I guarantee nuclear missiles will hit this place and wipe it out, it's in the bible as prohecy and it already happening. death to america you know they say paybacks is a bitch right.

  43. The black man would have ended up dead more than likely…

  44. Lisa Stapley says:

    Rashawnda Atkinson Thanks, Miss Atkinson!

  45. Jan Holmes says:

    Carolyn Bond ,,No. hes not having a slow night. Hes just Fucking slow ..PERIOD. A complete redneck trailer park trash Mf'er ..Nothing more , nothing less

  46. Robert Lei NO ONE has proven that Cosby has raped anyone and Simpson was adjudicated NOT guilty for the murder of his wife

  47. Lisa Stapley You watch too much Fox news…

  48. Lisa Stapley says:

    Leslie McCurdy None of the information given was from Fox News. Try again.

    Note: I live in Arizona in Pinal County, and have lived in Texas. I know for a fact what the border issues are.

  49. Thomas Moore says:

    Black people don't have meth labs that's white boy shit and as for pimps they would be out of business if it wasn't for you white boys buying pussy , I agree with you though in this sense they hate you just as much because you don't use your privilege you just lazy or stupid which is it

  50. Carolyn Bond says:

    Meth labs are what white people have, Pete Maciulla,,, Oh you have privileges… Try living as a non-white… You will holla and cry for your freedoms… Also, white people import the drugs, into this country… You must be very slow… Good night…

  51. Nakela Prude says:

    Lisa Stapley you copied and pasted that. That's not a damn crime!

  52. I am both educated and intelligent enough to know when someone tells a lie about Obama. That is what you did. I don't spend my days/nights searching for sites that list supposed crimes committed by people I have a dislike for and consider having privileges. One thing I do know is that we are in a better place than we were 8 years ago. Next time you start to list criminals, stick to the one who actually committed the crime of rape of an unconscious girl instead of veering off to totally unrelated accusations. I think you just needed an excuse to say some things that have obviously been on your mind. And use your own mind and conscious instead of copying, pasting and posting garbage.

  53. Hantz Joseph says:

    Zenobia Collins Amen Sister!!

  54. Just cuz you don't see it, does not make it not true. in this country there's privileges that non whites dont experience

  55. And so as expected, your true issues with Obama emerge. You don't live or have ever lived in a border town of Texas. So you don't know immigration issues firsthand. Key points with your reference to the Chinese illegals is that they were caught under this administration. Having lived or living in Texas ( unless you were an apartment dweller) you probably used or wanted to use the lawn services/ housekeepers that so many illegal immigrants supply. This country is made up of illegal immigrants. None was original other than Native Americans. If you really want to research criminals, start with your family. You would not have the derelek attitutude that you have if it had not been ingrained from your parents and their parents. Try really hard to look outside your bubble and realize that we/I am in a better place than I was 8 years ago. What you expected was a POTUS that would be ignorant of the law, corrupt morally and lacking the skills necessary to run this country. When you di not get what you expected, you lie and manipulate any situation to make it pertain to him and his administration. Take a nice long drive because gas is cheaper and clear your head to vote for Hillary. Or vote for the most corrupt and ignorant representative of your views. That is what it all boils down to…. acceptance of and supporting someone that you really, really know is incapable leading this country into anything other that tragedy on all levels. Goodnight and Goodbye, Lisa. I have better things to do tomorrow.

  56. Marcell Gabriel : what are you? Another unemployed troll

  57. Zenobia Collins : pull your head out please, you sound illiterate.

  58. Lisa Stapley says:

    Peter Francis Thanks!

  59. Alec Ward says:

    Pete, you're to lazy to take advatage of the perks Dothan has for you so you claim you have no privileges.

  60. Marcell Gabriel i think he said brock, the rapist name, not barrack, our president. listen again.

  61. Law, equal justice in America for all, you ought to be naive or hypnotized by the hype. Tell that to a native American whose ancestors were slaughtered and till now they live in RESERVATIONS across the U. S. !!!

  62. Robert Lei says:

    Robert Gregory Miller That's because Cosby and OJ Simpson bought the best defense lawyers their money could buy and they had a very effective strategy of victim blaming. The Stanford swimmer didn't quite have the wealth that Cosby and OJ had, so couldn't afford the hard hitters Cosby and OJ hired.

  63. Kyon Catajen says:

    You'd almost think Cherokee indians were the only ones in America b/c I swear everyones great great great grandmother was Cherokee.

  64. Lisa Stapley says:

    Kyon Catajen I used information from Forbes, and my own words, so it's not just an "opinion", but also based on facts.

    I was born in Ohio, and my ancesters in, and around, NC, TN, and Kentucky, which is where the Cherokee were at. We have a book about our ancestory that my dad has about the Shepherd's.

    The Navajo, however, have a slightly larger population than the Cherokee currently.

  65. Marcel and Anna ,I'll say it is he right way …..WTF does President Obama has to do with this Rapist ……..lmao y'all can't keep blaming him for shit he has no control over … You should have mention Bush and Chaney if you're gonna mention politicians because they raped America for 8 years ….WOW!GTFOH

  66. Alec Ward says:

    Just because the narrative frames rape as sexual assault, you think he is not a rapist? Oh, well.

  67. Donald Moss says:

    Robert Lei Bill Cosby has never been tried. How about Robert Blake? O J is in prison. How about Robert Wagner?

  68. Robert Lei WRONG – the allegations against Cosby either expired via statute of limitations, insufficient proof/evidence etc… as to Simpson, he was indeed tried for hjis alleged crime and was deemed not guilty… matter your emotions either you believe in the system or not. It isnt a metter of fatih or fairness – its the law.

  69. Marcell Gabriel some people feel that killing american civilians in drone attacks overseas is unconstitutional and a crime, some believe the continued occupation of the middle east and africa is a crime, that's why some feel that Barry O is a criminal.

  70. I'm white and even though I'm working class I have a few prividgles, (like I can take an attorny to traffic court), guess what? That shit helps!

  71. Gina Moore says:

    there will always be unfairness, but lets stop putting ourselves in positions where we have to be brought before the judicial system.

  72. Terry Baker says:

    Did he even make a team, what does it matter if he tried out or made an nfl team he's a person first. His point should be made if he played or worked at Wendy's

  73. I find it odd that you listed The Clintons and President Obama; but somehow forgot to mention the Bush's… I wonder if your opinion is based in fact or simply Party bias.

  74. Lisa Stapley so if he DID perform as you so stated and of course he did not or else he would have been impeached by now, WTF do you call what Bush, Chaney and company did?

  75. Robert Lei Oj's misdoings finally caught up with him and I don't disagree that Cosby is getting off easy. He evaded the law for some time but his time is up as it should be. I predict he will get far more than 6 months.

  76. LIsa Stapley, are you now trying to blame President Obama, and yes i typed President, because if you are a citizen of the USA then President Obama is your President as well. So to continue, are you trying to blame President Obama for they little menace to society??? Oh wait!!!!!!!! you sure are, after all he get blame for everything that goes wrong in your life lololol now back to the issaue at hand, that menace need to be locked up and the key thrown away, PERIOD!!!!!!!!

  77. Noa Mckini says:

    Thomas Moore you do you just don't know it. I'm sure you have dealt with racism in some way but it's not even on a scale of how much POC are faced with racism !

  78. Gary Prucha says:

    Actually listened to the interview. Banks said more about the justice system & the persons involved in the process. Race & privilege were only a part of what he personally viewed as a reasonable call to examine what we like to call justice. Sounds like he wants us to remove Lady Justice's blindfold.

  79. Privilege by race and class plain and simple.

  80. it is his income that provides the privilege. Classism and racism are evil twins that depend on each other to keep all down who are not a part of the 1%

  81. Alec Ward says:

    Justin Jackson I cannot even take you seriously, misspelling words a 4th grader would not, and using grammar from what I can only assume is from Pluto. The woman you keep going on about has NOTHING to do with Turner, but why dont you appear at either of these criminals hearings and state your peace there?????

  82. I am confused why people are not comparing this to kid affluenza instead of our President and others who have not been convicted of any crime. This whole situation shows that 'Good ole boy' frat guy mentality. This is a pure case of white MALE privilege because the victim is white, but by the perpetrator and his supporters she is insignificant. #truth

  83. And what heinous crime did Obama commit? Other than attempting to make our society a better place?

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