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Scholar Offers Compelling Alternative for Voters in Presidential Election, Could it Work?

On July 14’s edition of Democracy Now, Department of African American studies chair at Princeton University and author of “Democracy in Black: How Race Still Enslaves the American Soul,” Eddie Glaude and his son, Langston, discuss leaving the ballot blank because neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton are suitable candidates.

In the clip, the two say that both presumptive nominees are deplorable and that Black voters not in a battleground state should abstain from voting.

Eddie Glaude: Yeah, I’m not — you know, I believe, like José Saramago in Seeing, that wonderful novel written by that Portuguese writer, Nobel Prize winner 1996, that we should blank out, that those of us who are not in the battleground states, that those of us who are in blue states or red states, that we should just leave the ballot blank. As Melville’s Bartleby the Scrivener says, “I prefer not.” I can’t stand neither one of them.

Langston Glaude: I agree 100 percent. You know, there needs to be a stance amongst the people that we are not going to simply accept the status quo any longer, especially when the status quo is the very thing that is costing us our lives and our livelihoods. So, I personally don’t find either one of the candidates favorable in any sense, because, again, a change needs to come on the behalf of the people, and I don’t believe either one is prepared to bring that change in the manner that we need it.

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One thought on “Scholar Offers Compelling Alternative for Voters in Presidential Election, Could it Work?

  1. This is lazy thinking. There is a better alternative than either candidate. Vote for Jill Stein of the Green party. She actually recognizes the plight of the African American and is offering solutions more progressive than any other candidate. Here is what she says she will do for the African American community on her website.

    "It is unfortunate that more than 150 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, African-Americans still have been denied equality in our country. We need to ensure that all Americans have access to housing, a living wage job, universal health care, and a free, quality education, including college. It is also time for the United States to deliver on the promise of reparations for the sins of slavery, a promise made in 1865," said Stein.

    To address the issue of reparations, Stein supports the creation of a commission to study reparations proposals and make recommendations to Congress, as called for in HR40, sponsored by Cong. John Conyers. She supports a Truth and Reconciliation process for slavery similar to what was done for apartheid.

    Stein also said she would enforce laws and strengthen policies against racial discrimination in jobs, education, housing (mortgages, rental housing), and criminal justice and against the growing segregation of housing and schools.

    Stein also said if elected she will make Juneteenth Independence Day a National Day of Observance in the United States. Education and self-improvement have been consistent themes of Juneteenth celebrations.

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