Update: Former Miss Alabama Clarifies Support for Micah Johnson, Stands by Using Term ‘Martyr’ to Describe his Actions

This past Sunday, the first Black Miss Alabama, Kalyn Chapman James, posted video that appears to be supporting the Dallas shooting suspect Micah Xavier Johnson.

After racial backlash and controversy, the model appeared on CNN‘s New Day today explaining her statements in the live-stream video.

In the segment, the Miami, Florida resident says she denounces Johnson’s actions. However, James adds that she understands why a person would be driven to such extremes in the wake of two viral cases of police brutality.

“It is complex being an African-American in America watching people being gunned downed,” James explains. “It doesn’t mean I don’t value all human life — because I do — but I am more directly affected by the atrocities I have seen done against people of color. I have to deal with that as an African-American woman.”

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