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Watch: Former Miss Alabama Kalyn Chapman James Withstands Hateful Attacks for Calling Dallas Shooter a ‘Martyr’ 


The first Black Miss Alabama, Kalyn Chapman James, took to Facebook on Sunday to voice her support of Micah Xavier Johnson — the man responsible for the Dallas ambush last week that killed five police officers and wounded seven.

In the live stream, the current Miami, Florida resident said  Johnson was a martyr for the attack.

“I’m dealing with a bit of guilt because I don’t feel sad for the officers that lost their lives,” James explains. “But I know that’s not really my heart.”

Even though she throws her support to Johnson, James says that the officers should not have died.

“And I know it’s not the right way to feel because nobody deserves to lose their lives. And I know that those police officers had families and people who loved them and that they didn’t deserve to die, but I’m so torn up in my heart about seeing these men — these Black men — being gunned down in our community that I can’t help, I can’t help but feel like I wasn’t surprised by what the shooter did to those cops. And I think a lot of us feel the same way.”

Since Sunday, the model has been confronted with racial comments and bigotry.


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However, there was support for her on her Facebook profile. Many users understood how emotionally conflicted she was.



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19 thoughts on “Watch: Former Miss Alabama Kalyn Chapman James Withstands Hateful Attacks for Calling Dallas Shooter a ‘Martyr’ 

  1. Max Coscia says:

    You mean her overt racism was met with equally racist attacks? How surprising.

  2. Mark Stang says:

    K.C. James is a racist. She is unable to feel empathy for innocent police officers murdered in the line of duty just because they were white. They were murdered by racist Micah X. Johnson because they were white, and James feels no empathy for them because they were white. That's racism, pure and simple.

    James calling Micah Johnson a "martyr" is revolting. Dallas Police Chief David Brown is an African-American. He made the call to send in the bomb robot and kill Johnson. That was Brown's job, to protect all of the citizens of Dallas, no matter what their color, and he carried it out unstintingly When James hysterically calls Johnson a martyr then she is calling Chief Brown a murderer. How sad that that first black Miss Alabama is a racist with no moral compass.

  3. What she said is absolutely horrible. I'm no fan of how some police deparments cover up wrong doing. But by no means do I condone the killing of anyone, police or citizen. Crook or crime fighters, neither deserves to die because of ignorance or hate. If the man who killed Brown in MO. had been refered to as a martyr, black folks would be loosing their minds, and the world would understand why. If you feel this way, stop, put a filter between your brain and mouth. This is a good time for " if you can't feel" a good thought about five people slaughtered, then don't say anything at all. These men didn't kill anyone in Dallas, they were killed in the line of duty. What she is doing is what some bad cops do, claim that all black people are bad. This thought on both sides is wrong!!

  4. Wow..She could win another crown for that performance. Someone please explain racism to her, apparently she has no clue. As for me, I will not shed one tear for Alton Sterling, not because of the color of his skin because he was a lifetime criminal. A criminal that was teaching his children the same morals he had.

  5. Ms Chapman I am sure you didn't mean to sound cold, heartless and callous like the police REALLY ARE when you made your statement about Micah Johnson being a martyr. Your are entitled to your opinion and people shouldn't be threatening you. White people as you know, think they should control everything, everybody, every thought, every narrative, every analysis ALL the time. Micah Johnson looked at the world and the current state of affairs for African-Americans in this country and did what he felt he had to do like a soldier, like Nat Turner, Denmark Vessey, John Brown. You expressed your support for his actions from the vantage point of our current pain, suffering, TRAUMA, GRIEF sadness and dismay. Don't expect the descendants of our investor's enslavers to understand your perspective. They have been entoctrinated by their parents and grandparents to hate and despise us simp.y because we are an African descended people. May I respectfully submit that history and time, as well as the development of our struggle will determine Micah Johnson's place in our history and American history. White people or their plantation minded negroes won't write his epitaph.

  6. You two-legged beast..if criminality is worthy of death then what is the punishment for stealing land,people & cultures? I see you vile paid trolls have infested this site. You maggots show up before black people can even comment. Great use of all that STOLEN $ the US got from 250 years of free black labor.

  7. Fitting for a state filled with them.

  8. Jay Contreras I dont think any of us was here 250 years ago. And as far as getting here before anyone else could comment may maybe it's because we get up in the morning.

  9. Jay Contreras Good god, now it's a cover up. Believe what you want to believe, maybe you can work some facts into it when you have time.

  10. Mark Stang says:

    Surely you are intelligent enough to realize that iin generalizing that all white people are pathological control freaks, you are revealing your own racism. I believe that BLM is a highly controlling, manipulative organization making arguments using false data and analysis, but I would never generalize my low opinion of BLM to African-Americans as a group.

  11. Mark Stang says:

    Jay Contreras — you are a terrific representative for BLM. Keep up the good work and post everywhere.

  12. Mark Stang says:

    Texas is "filled" with racists; really? What % do you figure? Feel free to break out the percentage of racists in each demographic group.

  13. Ken Williams says:

    You completly miss her point . If you think that white men like Donald Trump and all of the White Bigots of the Republican Party gives a dam about Black People , you are crazy .
    Who's crying for Tamir Rice who was shot down like a dog while playing in
    a park or Mr. Gardner Choked to death on nation and world wide television ? Where in the Hell is Mayor Guliannis Christian values ? Yeah ,
    you keep looking for them .

  14. Ken Williams says:

    Jay Contreras , You are right . White Christians are the most evil and hypocritical snakes on the face of the earth

  15. Mark Stang And you are a good rep for paid shills trolling for the criminal network that some people call a govt. Amazing that no matter what black site there is online, you race cowards all show up like roaches attracted to sugar. White people are forever afraid of black people congregating–even virtually you are cowards. Scurry along.

  16. Mark Stang Troll how much do you get paid to bring your psychologically crippled & damaged self to black sites to do nothing but spew..nothing..and it seems your last name should end with a 'T' cuz I can smell you thru the computer screen beast.

  17. Ken Williams says:

    If White America really wants to stop this racial insanity , they would do it over night . White racist like Donald trump and the Republican party don't care if a thousand black boys and men get shot legal or illegal in the back every damn week . America has brought this madness on herself .

  18. Rita Davis-Agnew And you are? Oh that's right a nothing ass troll. Thanks for clarifying.

  19. Mark Stang says:

    Jay Contreras Didn't know you were black, since you are coward who hides behind a blank avatar. Also, if by "black site" you mean a white person has no right to post here, well you can stuff your Jim Crow. I have met and spoken with more great African-American men, like Muhammad Ali, Harold Washington, Michael Jordan, and Jesse Jackson, than you ever will. (Also met and shook hands with Barack Obama when he ran for the Senate.) None of them would give a hate-spewing weasel like you the time of day, no matter what your pigmentation.

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