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Watch How This Black Pyschotherapist & Miss Alabama Stood Their Ground Against Disrespectful White Males on Panel

On Wednesday’s episode of HLN’s “Dr. Drew,” former Miss Alabama Kalyn Chapman James joins host Dan Abrams to discuss her viral video appearing to support the Dallas shooting suspect Micah Xavier Johnson.

In the segment, the model says that she did not backtrack because she was suspended from her television job. James explains that she is an individual with conflicting emotions and the video served as catharsis for how she felt about police brutality and Johnson’s actions.

Panelist psychologist Spirit says Johnson was akin to a bullied kid who had enough and began to retaliate.

Abrams interrupts her point, warning her to eat her words to avoid being like James.

“You can only get slapped around so many times and turn the other cheek. We only have four. And Black people in this country have been slapped on all four over and over again,” she says.

Then the conservative commentator dismisses Spirit’s argument as “psycho babble.”

A retired officer insultingly claims that James only did the video for instant fame.

Abrams tries to moderate the panelists but the discussion goes off the rails.

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