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White Journalist Pulls Gun on Protesters, Plays Victim Card Until Judge Uncovers His Racist Past

A 36-year-old Portland, Oregon man claiming to be a journalist was caught on camera pointing a gun at Black Lives Matter protesters at a rally last Thursday.

The man, identified as Michael Strickland, is behind bars facing two felony charges.

According to reports by Oregon’s FOX 12, the man was recording video for YouTube when he allegedly felt threatened by protesters. He warned them to back off but they did not heed his warning so he pulled out a handgun. Strickland believed the protesters had weapons but that was never confirmed.

“What happened was there were 10 or 12 people that surrounded me. They started pushing and shoving me. They were using their flagstaffs as weapons,” Strickland told FOX 12 prior to the arrest last Thursday. “I’m backing up. They kept coming towards me, they kept coming towards me. That’s why I drew.”

The news report says Strickland had five magazines on his person and a pocket knife when officers arrested him last week. He also confronted mourners at an Orlando Pulse shooting vigil last month, per FOX 12.

The 36-year-old is currently being held on $250,000 bail.


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8 thoughts on “White Journalist Pulls Gun on Protesters, Plays Victim Card Until Judge Uncovers His Racist Past

  1. Yeah this is what cops do I guess someone couldn't pass a psych eval to put his bullshit into action.

  2. Amy Katrina says:

    Joe Schmotey I just want to mention if we are talking FACTS. I was standing next to this guy at the rally and NO one came even close to touching him.

  3. Pretty obvious that you are politically to the right and only get your news from biased sources tailored to your liking based on your political views. The actual truth is so much more enlightening than a personalized version of the truth. Like right now, you probably genuinely think BLM is some kind of cop hating racist violence inciting organization. That's a real shame man, because they're actually are those kinds of organizations out there. Like the New Black Panther Party. But instead of fighting those organizations, you're fighting the one that's actually promoting peace and love and respect. You should look at their Twitter feed, stop confusing Rogue individuals who don't represent the organization and misuse its name and distort its intentions with what the movement is legitimately about. Regardless, I do wish you well and hope you have a good day!

  4. Johnny Rebel says:

    BLM is a hate group and terrorist organization that advocates the killing of law enforcement officers. The journalist was assaulted. He could have shot the terrorists but called the police instead.

  5. Whatever…Mike is in jail so there…..He got arrested so he has to be GUILTY… the police don't arrest innocent folk, right?

  6. Vicki Butler says:

    then why attend protest strapped?

  7. Vicki Butler Because it is his legal right to do so and he is an advocate of the 1st and 2nd ammendment. A right not excercise is a right thrown away.

  8. Pam Palmer says:

    James Plummer Well I'm an advocate of the 1st and 2nd amendments also and those rights extend to everybody, not those of you with pale pink skin. Furthermore, he must have been doing something wrong or he wouldn't have gotten arrested and hauled off to jail.

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