‘Attempted Murder Over a Traffic Dispute?’: Shocking Video Captures Escalating Road Rage Fight Ending with California Man Stabbing Another Driver In the Middle of the Road

Cellphone video captured the moments when a driver stabbed another driver multiple times in a wild road rage incident in California.

The incident happened Saturday afternoon in the city of Ontario, located just outside of Los Angeles.

According to KABC, surveillance video from two businesses also captured the altercation between two male SUV drivers.

Wild Road Rage Brawl Erupts Into Stabbing and Near Hit-and-Run, Video Shows
Cellphone video captures wild road rage incident that included one driver stabbing a man in the arm in the middle on an Ontario, California, street. (Photo: YouTube screenshot/ABC7)

Surveillance footage from the first business showed the first part of the incident when a white BMW SUV pulled into a parking lot, and a man got out of the car and began gesturing wildly to a silver SUV sitting across the street from the lot, according to the local outlet.

The silver SUV waits until traffic clears before speeding into the lot and parking in a spot right next to the BMW.

At that point, the BMW driver, wearing all white, is already back in his car, but the silver SUV driver gets out, walks over to the BMW’s driver’s side, and appears to punch the driver twice out of view of the camera.

The silver SUV driver gets back into his car and begins to pull away when a female passenger from the BMW gets out and starts recording his license plate with her cellphone.

As he pulls out of the lot and onto the street, the white BMW follows behind him.

Surveillance video from another business showed the clash intensify between both drivers on a busy road. The man wearing all white gets out of his vehicle in the middle of the intersection. Then the silver SUV makes a sudden, illegal U-turn and drives toward the BMW driver as he’s standing in the street, appearing to try to hit the man.

The BMW driver starts running around the silver SUV and kicks its bumper while the driver of the silver SUV gets out to try to confront him face-to-face.

The man in all white lunges at the other driver multiple times, appearing to swing something and chasing the driver in the silver SUV. It’s unclear if the knife was present at this point.

The violence escalates further when the driver of the silver SUV was back in his car and rams into the white BMW.

That’s when the driver of the white BMW, with the knife now visible from cellphone footage, marches toward the driver’s side window of the silver SUV and began stabbing the driver several times.

The stabbing suspect fled the scene but was later apprehended by police.

The driver of the silver SUV didn’t need to go to the hospital for his injuries, which police said were non-life-threatening.

Authorities identified the stabbing suspect as 21-year-old Jhonpol Molina Orozco of Rancho Cucamonga. He was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

The shocking video made its rounds on social media. One viewer on X, formerly known as Twitter, asked the question of the day.

“Attempted murder over a traffic dispute? Seems like a high price to pay. Got your license plate, cell phone ping, video… Should be a unanimous guilty verdict in like 30 minutes.”

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