Why It’s Not OK For Reality Stars Like Khloe Kardashian and Malika to Discredit Actress Paula Jai Parker For Their Amusement



Reality TV stars Khloe Kardashian and bestie Malika Haqq don’t have many acting gigs under their belt, but that didn’t stop them from making fun of actress Paula Jai Parker on Thursday night’s Hollywood Divas season three premiere. Haqq is the newest castmember on the TVOne series and she filled Kardashian in on her co-stars.

When the Dash Dolls star mentioned Parker, adding the two had not yet met. Kardashian asked how she would know her. Haqq mentioned 1995’s Friday starring Ice Cube but her friend dismissed it as a movie from “400 years ago.” The actress – who starred in ATL with her twin sister Khadijah Haqq McCray – was then unable to tell Kardashian who Parker played in the hit film.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I don’t even remember the movie that well.”

In a separate confessional scene, a show producer reminded Haqq her cast mate played Cube’s girlfriend.

“Oh, the ghetto girl? Oh my God! Paula is Ice Cube’s ghetto girlfriend in Friday. Paula go off,” she responded.


Parker caught wind of the pettiness and responded in an Instagram video July 6. She captioned the clip with hashtags that included #my401stYearInTheGame.


“What’s good, Khloe? We love you!” she said, calling out the famous Kardashian beside Ray Donovan co-star Jon Voight. She did not mention Haqq by name but did tag her in the caption.

Though Friday is arguably Parker’s biggest role, her acting career covers more years than her fellow reality TV stars combined. IMDB lists four acting credits for Kardashian with Haqq beating her out with nine roles. While Haqq has one movie out this year, her most notable role was in ATL ten years ago. Kardashian’s most recent gig was in a 2014 video short called Hpnotiq Sparkle. 

Meanwhile, Parker has displayed versatility in her roles which include voicing Trudy Proud in the hit Disney Channel animated show The Proud Family, and a recurring role on Freeform’s Recovery Road. The actor-director also has three films in the pipeline for 2017.

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