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This Commentator Completely Annihilates Ex-Cop Who Can’t See Blatant Miscarriage of Justice In #AltonSterling Shooting

On the July 6 edition of HLN’s Dr. Drew, a panel of commentators discuss the recent shooting of Baton Rouge, Louisiana man Alton Sterling.

In the 1-minute clip above, entertainment journalist and pop culture analyst Segun Oduolowu shuts down a former cop who does not see the blatant miscarriage of justice in the Sterling shooting.

“Black people make up 14 percent of the population. If you shot a thousand of us, yes, Black people are disproportionately being killed by cops,” Oduolowu says. “There have been 588 that has resulted in death this year. The majority — disproportionate number — have been people of color. You can quote any number you want. I never see white people being executed on camera like I see Black people.”

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One thought on “This Commentator Completely Annihilates Ex-Cop Who Can’t See Blatant Miscarriage of Justice In #AltonSterling Shooting

  1. James Green says:

    Cops and cop sympathizers are brainwashed to believe the Blacks are threats, especially Black Men. To de-esculate confrontations with Blacks constitute Lethal Force at the first onset of engagement, whereas de-esculation for whites is done with discretion and discussions, maybe a taser. Very seldom lethal force they deam necessary, and even in those situations that have explored all non lethal avenues prior to shooting. The Past few dasy we have witnessed blatant murders..If the cops would have been regular citizens ..there would be outrage…if the cops were Black and the victims were white there would be outrage..but because of the systemic indoctrination of white supremacist ideals and insecurities they mold the weak minded to believe a natural loving people as animals there for our lives arent respected. hence the constitution declaration saying we are 3/5th of a human.It's evident in the extreme latitude that cops enjoy over every other citizen when it comes to accountability. Last nights terrorism was, in my mind a response to the terror that blacks, browns and poor whites encounter everyday for 500 years. It's very unfortunate lives had to be lost for people to realize the Bioling Point of a Rage thats been bubbling since we were stolen from our land.
    I'm not anti-every cop…I'm anti-bad to all the good cops that got injured or killed last night I send my condolences…But my heart goes out to my people, Blacks that get injured and murdered everyday by "Peace Officers" that goes undetected….Warrior up my people!! Hopefully America Wakes Up to the Signs

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