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This Commentator Completely Annihilates Ex-Cop Who Can’t See Blatant Miscarriage of Justice In #AltonSterling Shooting

On the July 6 edition of HLN’s Dr. Drew, a panel of commentators discuss the recent shooting of Baton Rouge, Louisiana man Alton Sterling.

In the 1-minute clip above, entertainment journalist and pop culture analyst Segun Oduolowu shuts down a former cop who does not see the blatant miscarriage of justice in the Sterling shooting.

“Black people make up 14 percent of the population. If you shot a thousand of us, yes, Black people are disproportionately being killed by cops,” Oduolowu says. “There have been 588 that has resulted in death this year. The majority — disproportionate number — have been people of color. You can quote any number you want. I never see white people being executed on camera like I see Black people.”

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