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Michael Eric Dyson Criticizes President Obama’s Visit to Dallas, Whites Call Foul

Michael Eric Dyson appeared on CNN's 'Wolf' Monday. Courtesy CNN.

Michael Eric Dyson appeared on CNN’s ‘Wolf’ Monday. Courtesy CNN.

President Obama is set to arrive in Dallas Tuesday to console a city torn by the deaths of five officers at the hands of African-American war veteran Micah Johnson.

According to the White House, Vice President Joe Biden will accompany Obama to an interfaith memorial service to be held at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center located in the city’s arts district.

First lady Michelle Obama as well as former president George W. Bush and Laura Bush are expected to attend the ceremony, where the president will deliver remarks before meeting personally with loved ones of the fallen and injured to “express the nation’s support and gratitude for their service and sacrifice,” the advisory read.

At least one scholar is disappointed with the timing of the visit.

Georgetown University professor Michael Eric Dyson criticized the president’s failure to include the cities that inspired the Dallas march in his scheduled trip.

“I would have preferred him go to Louisiana, then on to Minnesota, then end in Dallas, because he could truly bring…healing to the nation,” Dyson said on CNN’s “Wolf” Monday. “He’s got to acknowledge the lethal and ferocious assault upon that police department there in Dallas, and he’s got to acknowledge the lethal and ferocious assault upon Black men’s and women’s lives in America.”

Conservative news organization posted the interview to its site Monday and the backlash was immediate.

The comments section was full of personal attacks and threats to the podcast host.

From Dan L, “In a just world, idiots like Tyson [sic] and Van Jones are “repatriated” back to their ancestral homes.”

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Other users focused their rage on shooting victims Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

Certain Judgment: “Two black thugs getting shot for defying police orders while being apprehended for armed robbery and other crimes does not constitute a “lethal and ferocious assault upon black men’s and women’s lives in America.”

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Trench Warfare

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Though Dyson is long known for being one of the president’s strongest defenders, in his latest book, “The Black Presidency: Barack Obama and the Politics of Race in America,” the MSNBC analyst attacked Obama for his perceived hesitance to act or speak on issues affecting the Black community except in the most extreme circumstances.

“When he is boxed into a racial corner, often as a result of black social unrest sparked by claims of police brutality, Obama has been mostly uninspiring: he has warned (black) citizens to obey the law and affirmed the status quo,” Dyson writes.

What people are saying

25 thoughts on “Michael Eric Dyson Criticizes President Obama’s Visit to Dallas, Whites Call Foul

  1. What do you mean,(President Obama hasn't stood with Black folks) it's it's apparent you don't know who runs the justice department?

  2. He's 100% correct but President Obama hasn't stood with Black folks other than when those Nine Black people were massacred by the White Supremacist and terrorist Dylan Roof.

  3. I'm so happy that Professor Dyson no longer dance to the immaculate Obama flute chorus. He's finally realized the criticism Cornell West and Tavis Smiley placed before the President is valid.

  4. Drue Ferguson I am aware of who is the AG the Pro Law Enforcement Lorretta Lynch who to date has only indicted one police officer for murdering any unarmed Black person. Eric Holder indicted none this is the same DOJ who indicted the police officers who beat Rodney King for violating his Civil Rights. But for some Reason police officers and citiizens can murder unarmd Black people and their Civil Rights were not violated under the leadership of both Holder and Lynch. It's funny that you'd mention the DOJ that has done nothing to protect Black Americans and think youve scored some points. FOH.

  5. Tye Williams says:

    Heyward Johnson I Agree. This is the weakest DOJ in the history of modern day law enforcement. Why wouldnt Cops use blacks folks for target paractice, they know they face absolutley no punishment from the Justice Department. Face it, Obama wants no part of race, in any shape or form. I figured that out years ago, when he had the beer submit with the racist cop who profiled and arrested Professor Gates.

  6. Tye Williams says:

    Heyward Johnson I Agree. This is the weakest DOJ in the history of modern day law enforcement. Why wouldnt Cops use blacks folks for target paractice, they know they face absolutley no punishment from the Justice Department. Face it, Obama wants no part of race, in any shape or form. I figured that out years ago, when he had the beer submit with the racist cop who profiled and arrested Professor Gates.

  7. Tye Williams says:

    President Obama loves saying he's not only the president to black america but president to all of americans, oh really?!

  8. Tye Williams Thank you

  9. DAMN! He just got back from overseas. The priority was Dallas first. These guys with none of the world duties Obama has kill me sitting back and running their mouths about what they would do, or what the President should do.

  10. Dyson you are correct I agree 100% why should we turn the other cheek like nothing happened well newsflash it did two African Americans males were execute by the police let's not include Sandra Bland Tanisha Anderson Tamir Rice Mike Brown Eric Garner all died in the hands ofcorupt racist cops 548 African Americans killed by cops and counting while deescalating white Americans crimes and altercations against these same racist cops my tax dollars I pay for them to do their job with fairness this really angers me when my tax dollars is paying them to kill off my African Americans BROTHERS SISTERS SONS DAUGHTERS NIECES NEPHEWS GRANDSON GRANDDAUGHTERS FEMALE AND MALE COUSINS FRIENDS there's 2 things that can happen 1 is do your job in fairness without prejudices 2 in the words of Officer Nakia Jones " How Dare You To Stand Next To Me Take The Oath To Protect and Serve To Commit Murder Take Off The Blue Uniform TAKE IT OFF"

  11. I will be frank with you, tell me at least five things that you expect a black president to do for us, and how he is to do them, explain to me the ways and means and methods, I will listened to you. A lot of these black professor don't make any sense, if they do they would be a Steve Job, Billy Gates, Elon Musk, or at least doing something to help themselves, their own family and relatives, instead of working for other races. Or try to be a black Donald Trump and screw the system to their own advantage, his method works expecially when you don't have to start from scratch, file bankruptcy and start over again, begin by owning and investing in the black neighborhoods, slum properties or cheap, work with the black politicians to gentrify the black hoods. What the hell, the only black leader I had ever really like was Marcus Garvey, for he was encouraging us to invest in ourselves and to become an entrepreneur for when we work for other races we're only making them rich, how many of us inspite of an education can hire each other in the hood, oh, maybe we do, but I talking about something else that has an EIN number so that you can cheat on your taxes by putting the profits into off shore tax shelters. This is black politics for me, not confrontational rhetorics that his taught to you by some white professors, for if it was useful for me to know he wouldn't tell me, why I do I feel that I'm kept in the dark and is spoon fed the bullshit for education to be only a consumer, to earn and spend untill I die poor like my parents before me.

  12. Chris Pruitt says:

    When you help elect someone to office you have a right to criticize their decisions.

  13. You're right. I'm for constructive criticism, how about you?

  14. Akua Cabral says:

    He finally realized there's no benefit of being on Obama's heels because those of us that weren't giving the brother a pass was looking at these brown nosers sideways. It's too late for MC Dyson, PHD. I lost massive respect for him and Cornell and Tavis were right all along, sadly I been saying this since Beergate as well.

  15. Chris Pruitt You're not criticizing sounds more like hate!

  16. Tony Harris says:

    I feel the same as Dr.Dyson.

  17. Tye Williams Well maybe not you, inbred white and black people, but some of us have lived long enough to know what a good president acts and looks like!

  18. Akua Cabral says:

    I listened…During the debates when he said he wasn't for reparations and Sen. Edwards and Kucinich were. That's how you know choosing the acceptable negro can be detrimental for our people. If the establishment likes you too much your totally harmless ro the system of racism white supremacist oligarchy. But what else is the President but a figurehead? JFK gave us game before he got offed. There's a government within the government.

  19. Heyward Johnson I'm not here to "score points" that was done in high school,(maybe you are?) If you have been in as many black movements as I have, then you, would know how the the police; "Circle the wagon and protect their asses," but, I see that you don't, you want 'instant justice' like the racist coward's cops give to us, you should, also know that, it just don't work that way with "true Justice" read up on Thurgood Marshall, (attorney at law), and (Supreme Court Justice),let me, ask you this, and here your chance to "score point" "What in the hell have you done in the last 55- years to bring about Justice for People of Color? I will leave you with this quote;“It's better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt”~Mark Twain

  20. Cornell West is too dingy to say anything about "The POTUS" and let talk about Cornell West's, (half white child), in Germany and old a** Smiley still living with his mom, Closet Queen maybe?

  21. You know not what you're talking, prove that statement prove it! You're not talking to a black man that don't know any better!

  22. Tye Williams So Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales was one of the greatest?

  23. Are all my people watching Fox News, "but forgot to walk the walk"?

  24. You're from Chicago, and you know -0 about politics, damn!

  25. Akua Cabral Because we,(you), will never get it, your kids may get free college tuition, but black people will never get cash money in their hands what ever happen with the 40 acres and a mule?

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