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Watch: Cincinnati Cop Comes Under Fire For Instructing Friends and Family How To Deal With White Cops

Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV

A Black Cincinnati, Ohio police officer has come under fire because of a Facebook post written in the immediate aftermath of the Alton Sterling shooting on July 5 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

According to Cincinnati’s Fox 19, district 5 officer, Freddie Vincent, wrote to Black friends and family to be careful around white police officers because they are “looking for a reason to kill a Black man.”


Since Fox 19‘s investigative report, the Cincinnati Police Department released a statement Thursday announcing an investigation into the matter:

“The Cincinnati Police Department strives to maintain a culture of professionalism, as well as transparency and accountability for our actions. I am proud of the work of the men and women of the Cincinnati Police Department and our efforts to work collaboratively with the community.

We are aware of a recent post to a commonly used social media site by one of our officers that refers to an interpretation of a law enforcement officer’s actions. The comments that were posted are under review as they relate to our Social Media procedure and our Rules and Regulations.”

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3 thoughts on “Watch: Cincinnati Cop Comes Under Fire For Instructing Friends and Family How To Deal With White Cops

  1. Von Bailey says:

    All he said was that the "I was scared for my life" excuse is BS. The only way that's news is that a policeman is actually admitting it.

  2. Jim McBride says:

    this officer put his own life in jeapardy with that advice and his job is probably gond now. He is one of the rare things in America….a true hero cop

  3. Policy and procedures, bull. African-American are not your piggy bank, your training manuel or punching bag. We are human beings. Instead of firing Officer Vincent, why not put the same pressure on the old boys club. Officers are human too. .What could you fear from a people that has are not even considered an American. What gives you fear is African-American not being your piggy bank.

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