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David Banner Boldly Says What Most Black Leaders Are Terrified of Telling Black People

Earlier this month, rapper, activist and entrepreneur David Banner discussed his latest album, The God Box, and how to end white supremacy on The Rock Newman Show hosted at Howard University.

In a clip from the May 5 edition of the show, Banner discusses the only strategies Black people can use to defeat white supremacy: disrupt economics and end life.

In the nearly 4-minute clip (28-32:40 minute mark), Banner says that Black people need to be left alone.

“We are always told to get ourselves together but when we do, you [white people] burn down [our communities] or find a way to put fraud on it,” Banner explained to Newman.

For a long time Black people have been the “child race” of America, he says: “We think like children, we spend like children and the country makes billions off it.”

According to Banner, praying, protests, debates and marches are useless and ineffective.

“White supremacy only respects the loss of finance and the loss of life,” Banner told the host. “We spend trillions of dollars. Once we get ourselves together, that will affect them financially.”

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5 thoughts on “David Banner Boldly Says What Most Black Leaders Are Terrified of Telling Black People

  1. there was a book written approximately 35 years ago…–"the Content of Our Character"-Shelby Steele, that speaks to these exact same tenents mentioned by David Banner. I am curious to see where this discussion will lead as we continue to flounder on the economic empowerment of Black Americans. i believe that the "black race has matured and become conscious to put in place methods to become economically empowered.

  2. we have no resources oil wells land manufacturing companies bout time we come to some sense all finances will be on card even the athletes cant get it right i like banner though for his consciousness side

  3. Derek Wright says:

    Don't disrespect our ansestors in that manner. We've have econmic development and stability before, but it was taken from us violently (ie. Black wall Street, Rosewood etc.) White suppremacy and capitalism is the reason why we struggle in the ways we do… not based on our own actions.

  4. About self-control and self-respect, one generation has to sacrifice for the future but its hard telling people that when they want their "come up" for them and them alone. Every person (black or white) has has anything was due to one generation giving up theres andmaking the next generation accountable to what they gave up. However Nike, Apple, etc, etc all will take money out of the community and we don't see it. The majorty. The most ignorant and destructive of us have no shame in what they do to themselves and others.

  5. Rock newman is just a great guy, he just always ask the right question … Big up to david banner #thegodbox

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