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Two Black Swimmers Make Olympic History, Fans Forced to Defend Them Against Racist Trolls

Last Friday, two Black Stanford University student swimmers made it through the Olympic trials in Omaha, Nebraska, making it the first time two Black women will represent the U.S. in swimming.

Swimmers Simone Manuel, 19, and Lia Neal, 21, were placed in the center of racist hyperbole and ridicule when Yahoo announced the  news in the segment above.

The two were announced members of the Olympic team after Manuel came in second in the 100-meter freestyle relay on Friday. Her counterpart, Neal, heard the news after she finished fourth in the 100.

Trolls accused Yahoo Sports of showing favoritism and adding to the racial divide in the country. Here are some of those comments below:


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16 thoughts on “Two Black Swimmers Make Olympic History, Fans Forced to Defend Them Against Racist Trolls

  1. Sad and angry to see how hateful people are.

    As for the nasty racist comments, once again, it is proven that minorities are not only your equals, some are definitely your betters, and superior to so many of you.

  2. Rod Pratt says:

    Sad but expected

  3. Keith Horsey says:

    Should Stanford return to its previous headline activity then given the preferred complexion on the subjects? And by that of course I mean the rape of women behind trash bins by sons whose fathers think should serve no more than 20 minutes of time for the "20 seconds of action" that occurred?

    No? Then STFU.

  4. MINORITY: A term applied to the majority of the world's population

  5. James Green says:

    this only further illustrates the absolute jealous nature of some whites when blacks enter sports that has been historically monopolized by them..its the effect that we have when we utilize our athletic prowess and dominate the sport we choose to enter..we did it in baseball, basketball, football, golf, tennis, motor cross, double dutch, jacks, spades, I-declare-war, rock- paper scissors,…. whew!!

  6. Ignorant, jealous, insecure white men and women who live in a bubble, thinking that everything in this world that's good and of merit should be, must be done by white people. Hitler said you were the superior race- Jesse Owens proved him wrong. The English said that African people didn't have the intellect or physical ability to run a marathon. Duh?! The winners of the New York and Boston Marathons are usually from an easy African country. So much for that racist LIE! For decades until Altbea Gibson and later Aruthur As he won tennis championships, whites lied and. Said we couldn't play tennis. Enter the Willis s Sistas, Venus and Serena, who win so many tennis tournaments that I'm looking count. That bro 's me to Me Neal and Me Manuel- ladies, you are standi g on the shoulders of GREAT AFRICAN AMERICAN athletes, so go on to the Olympics and win some medals for yourself, your community, your family and for African America- we are proud you made the team.

  7. Kareem Bland says:

    Umm Spades was never a white thing lol.

  8. Kareem Bland We know that is true. That is why we are speaking as to why not….I haven't heard that term spade in so long. New York 1950's.

  9. And imagine how boring sports would be if blacks decided to stay out of them. There would be no reason to even follow it. End of story !

  10. Track and field also…..

  11. yes, as we re look, we are not a minority at all. We are called that by those who have ruled over the said minority. As we all awaken, story of US, changes. We are no longer or have been a minority, that is a safety word used by those who would like to keep all of us ruled over. They believing we are all undereducated. Your words are understood, you see the IN-JUS_US.

  12. did we forget that there are bigots in this country? let a brown person say the sky is blue and, despite their black friend (every bigot seems to have one), the bigot will have issue with it.

  13. Pam Palmer says:

    Nope, we didn't forget. Anytime a black person does something positive, whites simply MUST find a way to turn it into a negative.

  14. They look like sister. Heck, even twins.

  15. Let's not forget the reaction to Obama's daughter getting into a prestegous university. Our children are making strides and showing a level of excellence that breaks their stereo types. No matter the reaction, our progress is undeniable.

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