7 Children’s Cartoons and Live-Action Shows That Promote Positive Images of Black Youths




K.C. Undercover

Actress, singer and fashion icon Zendaya Coleman plays K.C. Cooper, a high school spy who saves the world with her family of spies and cyborg sister. This Disney Channel show is the only show on air currently with a Black female teen action lead, and it returns later this summer. The character K.C. Cooper is a role model for young Black girls because she consistently uses her brain in undercover missions. This character is always looked upon by her family and friends as a leader.



Sara Solves It

This Amazon Studios series revolves around two Black siblings solving mysteries in their apartment building. The 9-year-old whiz kid Sara and younger brother Sam use math, music and creative thinking to solve problems.




Young Justice

This Warner Brothers/D.C. Comics animated series has been off the air for several years, but the show lives on Netflix. “Young Justice” sets itself apart for other action cartoons because it has multiple influential Black teenage characters who drive the action. Aqualad is the leader of dozens of young heroes, Static Shock is a dynamic rebel who becomes a leader in his own right, and Rocket, Bumble Bee, and others are primary characters with real value.

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