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This Conspiracy Theorist Eloquently Breaks Down Violent History of White People and Why Obama Never Had Any Real Power


Author, researcher and independent scholar Jordan Maxwell talks about President Obama and white men in this clip from a 2010 lecture called “The Human Alien Agenda.”

In the short 3-mintue clip, the conspiracy theorist and lecturer says that Obama has no real power. The clip starts with him answering an audience member’s question about Queen Elizabeth. Then he dives into his theory about Obama:

“This is a white man’s country. This is a white man’s world. White men from Europe dominate the whole planet — goes into any country and kills everybody — and takes over anything they want … I am not bragging about it. I am just stating it … England has exploited the people and the races of the world. The white has been using commerce to manipulate and exploit the whole human race. I do not believe that some young Black guy is going to waltz in and take over the old white man’s establishment… it ain’t going to happen. He is not in control.”

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