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Marvel’s Newest Black Character Mosaic is Not Your Typical Hero – and That’s What Makes Him Unique



Marvel has unveiled their latest comic book character after teasing his debut since April – and he’s Black. Set to debut in the 11th issue of the “Uncanny InhumansseriesMosaic is the publisher’s newest latent Inhuman.

Vulture reports the antihero begins as Morris Sackett, a handsome and successful professional basketball player whose superpowers come to the forefront once exposed to a substance called Terrigen Mist. Sackett loses his looks and exists not in a body but as a free-floating entity requiring other people’s bodies for survival.

Mosaic will follow its Marvel debut with its own series to be released in October. Geoffrey Thorne wrote the book, which was illustrated by Khary Randolph. The pair spoke to the website about how they got involved with the project and revealed details about the Black superhero.

“I grew up on Marvel comics,” Thorne said. “They’re a large part of the reason I became a writer. To be asked to create a new character for Marvel and for that character to be this character and for him to be realized in this way? My inner 12-year-old hasn’t stopped screaming and dancing.”

“And, not to put too fine a point on it, he’s black,” he adds, mentioning other Black Marvel superheroes like Black Panther, Storm and Falcon.

Randolph said people frequently ask for diversity and strong characters of color in comics, but it was only part of the reason he was interested in the work.

“That aspect is just the outer layer,” he said.  “The more important thing is creating an interesting person that people will want to know more about month to month.”

He added that Mosaic appeals to his interests in science fiction, hip-hop and sports, which all play a major role in the series.

Speaking of the character’s powers, Thorne said Mosaic is essentially able to become a host after taking over someone’s body.

“He has access to every memory, every talent, and most important, every nuance of speech and behavior his host might have,” he said. “There are no barriers when Morris takes a host. He is you. Not even a telepath could detect his presence unless he wanted them to.”

“He is the perfect spy,” Throne added. “He doesn’t exist on the ‘astral plane.’ Morris physically takes over your body — sort of like a parasite or a virus made of energy.”

The writer would not divulge what other powers the superhero poses or his limitations, but teased readers will learn about them in the fall. However, he did reveal the “complex” character is unique in that he is “extremely selfish.”

“I’m very pleased Marvel is letting me make Morris the fully rounded person that he needs to be for the story to work,” he said.

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