Ta-Nehisi Coates Just Gave Us More Reason to Revere the Awesomeness that is ‘Black Panther’ and the Nation of Wakanda

Writer and national correspondent for The Atlantic, Ta-Nehisi Coates, will give readers monthly video recaps of his highly successful Black Panther comic book series.

This new video series will go behind the scenes of the successful book, which sold 330,000 in its first week in April. In a partnership with Marvel and production house Bow & Arrow, the series will have fresh graphics and strong hip-hop themes pumping in the background, reports Hollywood Reporter. 

The acclaimed writer says the story of Black Panther is about a king trying to stay in power. The Afro-futuristic kingdom of Wakanda is in political turmoil due to a change in power and encroaching external menace. And Black Panther is at the epicenter of the impending chaos.

At its peak, the country was never conquered, it was the most technically advanced place on the planet and there was peace.

Now, the 10th smartest person on the planet — T’Challa —  has to save his nation, find his presumed dead sister and be a hero.

Coates go on to say in the first episode of the series that he resonates with the character. Other readers will get to know about this great character even more when the second issue hits shelves May 11.

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