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Van Jones Leaves CNN Panel Speechless After Suggesting That White Men Be Racially Profiled

On yesterday’s edition of CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin, political commentator Van Jones responds to a CBS interview Donald Trump gave Sunday suggesting that American Muslims should be racially profiled to prevent terrorist attacks.

“Well I think profiling is something that we’re going to have to start thinking about as a country. Other countries do it. You look at Israel and you look at others, they do it and they do it successfully. And I hate the concept of profiling but we have to start using common sense and we have to use our heads,” the  presumptive Republican presidential nominee said Sunday.

However, Jones believes young white males are the ones who need to be racially profiled. In the video clip from the segment, Jones says, “You are seven times more likely to be killed by a right wing extremist — a racist or an anti-government nut job — seven times more likely than a Muslim.”

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25 thoughts on “Van Jones Leaves CNN Panel Speechless After Suggesting That White Men Be Racially Profiled

  1. Yes, maybe we do!

  2. Janet Noll says:

    Van Jones is a racist pure and simple. So if you hate whites so much Jones why don't you just leave this racist white country. LEAVE

  3. Van Jones is just trying to put profiling into proper perspective. Many more white males of a certain type are mass killers than Muslims in this country. Since it is unconstitutional to discriminate against a group's gender, race or religion in this country, the whole discussion started by Trump is a waste of time. Trump is being given too much credibility by the media.

  4. Dennis Moore says:

    "Jones believes young white males are the ones who need to be racially profiled. In the video clip from the segment, Jones says, “You are seven times more likely to be killed by a right wing extremist — a racist or an anti-government nut job — seven times more likely than a Muslim.”

    I definitely agree with Jones, but in a different way when it comes to right-winged extremist. We should ban all White people from coming to America, and then start deporting red-necks that are already here back to where they initially came from,and we would all be a lot safer and better off in the long run. Trump first, and Janet Noll right behind him.

  5. M.A. Moody says:

    But at the end of the day we need GUN CONTROL NOW !

  6. Jack Brauer says:

    Van Jones needs to pick up a primer on statistics. He doesn't understand the basic concept that racial profiling stems from the PER CAPITA deaths caused by a group, NOT the ABSOLUTE number of deaths. Below is the analysis of data taken from Mother Jones' (a leftist site BTW) of all US mass and spree shootings 1982-2016 (no serial killers). This is NOT taking into account 9/11.
    – Victims by race of shooter: white 363 (55.6%), black 83 (16%), Muslim 99 (8.6%)
    – US population by race: white 63%, black 12.5%, Muslim 0.9%
    – Fatality rate per 1M of the shooter's race: white: 1.83, black: 1.98, Muslim: 30.0
    – Fatality rate as multiple of white rate: white: 1.0, black: 1.1, Muslim: 16.4
    In plain English: when it comes to mass shootings, Muslims cause 16 times more deaths per capita than whites (or blacks). Again 9/11 is NOT taken into account.

  7. Why don't you and the people who think like you leave so the country can become truly progressive? How is it that when Black people speak facts about whites they are considered racist? You white supremacist need to get over yourselves. If you people don't change you will be in grave danger in the future. People are waking up.

  8. Andrew R Jackson These people are in complete denial and they will never admit the truth. It's not in them to realize how this system is designed to protect their image. There is this YouTube channel called Professor Black Truth and he shows all the recent crimes and murders that whites commit and you realize how the perpetrators are rarely charged with serious crimes. If the justice system was truly fair, the white crime rates would astronomically surpass all other groups in this country. The DAs in this country are one of the first lines of defense for white supremacy and they hold the line well. They will call me racist for this post but who cares.

  9. Basically, Muslims don't like Blacks/Black Americans associating with White people.

    White Authorities want to profile muslims who are supporting this movement….so in the case of the gay nightclub in orlando if they the muslims scan Blacks hanging with Whites – because they are also a racist group against White people – and they catch us Blacks hanging around with whites people it possible their intention is to get rid of all associating together. The same thing happened in paris Blacks died with Whites in a Club.

    Basically, Muslims want Black people to stop befriending White people. Hispanics secretly have the same mindset. They want Blacks to Separate and Choose a side. That's what it's about! OK!

  10. You are the only racist here. He was talking FACTS. Mass-shooters are white men. Go ahead–list the mass shooters who were NOT white men?? I can think of only one.

  11. Stephen Peters whoa dog – Jones can say a statistic, sound smart, make it believable, but that doesn't mean it's a real figure. All I'm saying is a gay Democrat islamic terrorist killed 50 people and all we're talking about is guns and whitey. Don't know what any of that has to do with this issue. Not against sensible gun control, but with terrorists, if it's not a gun, it's a bomb, knife, club, gas, or you name it. I don't know how this issue got so politicized. I don't know one person who thinks it's a good idea to import terrorists and I don't know one person who thinks they shold have access to guns if they are here. Why can't both sides agree on that for starters? (Mateen was born here – nothing you can do with current laws).

  12. Deborah Fury says:

    Van Jones made a proven statement that you are more likely to be shot by a white man in America than a Muslim. He did not say white men should be profiled, it's too bad and sad when people, instead of listening to a statement decide to take the statement not as said but as the translator wants to believe it was said. Why is it okay to profile everyone except white men in America?

  13. Tony Jones says:

    Stephen Peters White people will never agree to their crimes, nor apologize for them. They will always point the finger else where and
    dare you to deny it… always been that way and always will. It must be
    nice to wake up white!

  14. Karen Draper says:

    And that's the truth! Why are Black men profiled? White men should be profiled from birth….

  15. My cuz! My cuz! My cuz! I'm proud of you…tearning up the air waves…leaving them speechless! #truth

  16. Mark Wurz says:

    Karen Draper yeah because we work, support our families, obey laws, volunteer for the military and generally behave ourselves, it makes profiling easy

  17. Mark Wurz says:

    well said Sir, just trying to keep the colored on the plantation, you caught on!!!!! VOTE TRUMP 2016

  18. Michael Lang says:

    Van Jones = pathetic, commie moron.

  19. Deborah Fury says:

    Go back to the video and listen, carefully listen and you will hear for yourself what Mr Jones said. Please. Dont read the paragraph of what he was supposed to have said. Hear with your own two ears.

  20. Bill Heath says:

    If it were the truth maybe, but you cannot just make up "facts" and say this! Lies, lies lies, are the mainstay of the modern Democrats! Using the same logic black males between the ages of 16 and 35 commit over 50% of our violent crime, these males represent 3% of the population of the USA, how about we just arrest them all put them in jail and we have eliminated 50% of our violent crime? Just common sense law right? You affect a few and gain a lot more.

  21. Mark Riker says:

    truth? ……………….your an idiot racist.

  22. Mark Riker says:

    lol who was speechless?

  23. Mark Riker says:

    your more likely to be shot by a black person if your a black person, know your facts

  24. Deborah Fury says:

    Can you or will you tell me what Van Jones said that makes him racist because I think what you heard wasnt what he said or what I heard.

  25. Adam Contreras I agree that Van Jones is wrong to categorize mass murderers into political or social groups and use that as a basis for profiling. A presidential candidate, however, who suggests that we profile anyone is just not too grounded in the Constitution and is potentially a dictator. Personally, I have had to do as you are doing: try to keep away from those siituations that I know could be harmful to me and/or others. I am sorry to disappoint you, but I keep away from bullies like Donald Trump.

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