Avid Trump Supporter Encourages ‘Patriots’ to Open Fire on African-American Protesters At Upcoming GOP Convention

Jim Stachowiak, Trump supporter who encouraged violence against Black protesters at the upcoming GOP convention.

Jim Stachowiak, Trump supporter who encouraged violence against Black protesters at the upcoming GOP convention.

An ex-cop and avid supporter of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump took to YouTube Sunday to incite violence against Black protesters who might disrupt the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

The seven-minute-long video features right-wing activist Jim Stachowiak encouraging military members, militia men, and “lone wolf patriots” to come armed against Black demonstrators.

“I am encouraging patriots and Trump supporters and those that support liberty and freedom to come lawfully armed with lethal and non-lethal weaponry,” Stachowiak said in the video posted to his YouTube channel. It has since received 986 views, but the comments section has been disabled.

The Trump supporter goes on to accuse Black Lives Matter, which he refers to as “Black Lies Matter,” of threatening to kill Donald Trump.

“They have threatened to cause riots in Cleveland and nationwide,” he said. “It is our sworn duty and obligation for all those like me and many of you who have taken the oath to defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic.”

According to Raw Story, Stachowiak is a disgraced police officer who lost his certification following a misconduct investigation. By that time, he had only been on the force for three years. The ex-cop has also been banned from Facebook and indicted in criminal defamation charges after he falsely identified a Linkedin user as a terrorist, the news site reports.

In his video, Stachowiak proceeds to encourage “patriots” to arm themselves just in case Cleveland law enforcement personnel or the National Guard fail to prevent “Black Lies Matter” from getting violent or rioting.

“We should answer the call with our Second Amendment,” Stachowiak said, toting a military-style rifle and pointing it at the camera. “Yes, I’m encouraging patriots to come prepared to defend this nation against a domestic terrorist organization supported by the terrorist in the White House, Obama.”

He goes on to again accuse the anti-police brutality movement of advocating for the genocide of all non-African-American people.

This isn’t the first time the staunch conservative has caused a stir with his antics. Raw Story reports that Stachowiak made headlines last year after standing guard with a rifle outside a number of military recruiting stations. Referring to himself as the “Armed Infidel and Crusader Against The Beast’s Organized Religion of Government (The BORG), Islam, and any other Satanic Death Cult that would destroy our Liberty,” the Daily Mail reported Stachowiak was planning and armed anti-Muslim rally at the Georgia Capitol back in April; the event drew only one attendee.

The Trump supporter’s bigotry didn’t stop there as he proceeds to refer to African-Americans as “n-ggas” in his YouTube video.

“This is going to be called racist, what I’m about to say, such as the rapper Ted Poe,” Stachowiak warned. “I’m going to call them what they have called themselves. Ted Poe said, quote, and I quote, ‘We n***as are prepared to start riots should Donald Trump be nominated as the Republican candidate.’ Well, patriots, if the people Ted Poe refers to himself as n***as — and again, this is the label they have called themselves — decide to get violent and the police stand down and the police cannot guarantee the safety of American citizens, it is our constitutional and lawful duty to protect those in fear or danger or the imminent threat of serious loss of life and bodily harm.”

At one point, Stachowiak turns off the camera, for fear that Pres. Barack Obama or Attorney General Loretta Lynch might be watching and condemn his messages of violence.

He concludes his rant by challenging Black demonstrators to set fire to the American flag near a military base.

“What you don’t stand against, you’re standing for,” Stachowiak said.  “Trump: Let’s make America great again, people.”



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