Tamron Hall Crushes Actor Scott Baio’s Pseudo Moral Compass With Evidence, His Reaction is Stunning 

On Tuesday’s edition of MSNBC Live, host Tamron Hall confronts Donald Trump supporter Scott Baio for his sexist tweets aimed at Hillary Clinton and first lady Michelle Obama.

In the 7-minute segment, Hall asks Baio about Social Security and Medicare before diving into Baio’s hypocritical stance on morality and values.

The conservative actor says that he supports Trump because the nation has somehow lost its moral compass and Trump will bring back religion. Baio even states that he wrote his Republican National Convention speech in church as a caveat to his religious commitment.

This comment was the centerpiece to Hall’s take-down.

She asks him about a recent tweet depicting presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton standing in front of the word “count” but appearing to be “c–t.” Baio denies that he has ill will, but Hall asks, “Did you write that [tweet] in church?”


When Hall asks him about the Michelle Obama tweet depicting her as an angry Black woman, he calls it a joke.


“We do it about everybody’s wife! I do it about my friend’s wife,” Baio says. “I do it about all politicians’ wives!”

Hall points out to Baio that these tweets do not help his case as a high-character person.

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