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This Black Girl Was Tired of Reading About White Princesses —-See What She Did to Fix It

A Greensboro, North Carolina second grader grew tired of reading about white queens and princesses, so she wrote a book that showcased some of the most important Black female rulers–like Hatshepsut of Egypt–throughout history.

North Carolina’s WFMY News 2 reports that 7-year-old Morgan Taylor—who attends Eastern Elementary School— has co-written a book with her father, G.Todd Taylor, entitled “Daddy’s Little Princess.”

The goal was to increase the representation of Black women in fantasy/royalty stories—because Black girls should “Rock Their Crown.”

“Every little girl should believe she’s a Princess,” said Morgan, which is why she is informing young readers that Princesses come in all shades and colors.

He tells WFMY News 2 :”Research shows that diversity in literacy increases the educational success of minority children. This book excites, ignites, and educates young readers. We wanted to inform and build self-esteem.”

In the clip above, the young girl reads to a crowd of young readers at International Civil Rights Center in North Carolina interested in learning more about famous Black queens.

Daddy’s Little Princess” is currently available from all digital book sellers.

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