This White Minneapolis Official Disrespects and Berates a Black Activist — What Happens Next is Unexpected

An influential Black Minneapolis activist shuts up a city’s park board president in a video depicting a May 11 meeting where activists were confronting the board about diversity issues in the community.

In the 6-minute exchange, Minneapolis Park Board President Liz Wielinski begins screaming and yelling at Nekima Levy-Pounds — who is a prominent activist and President of the Minneapolis branch of NAACP — claiming that she is being rude and interrupting.

“I’m tired of this. You keep interrupting our meetings,” Wielinski shouted at Levy-Pounds as she began to speak. “You’re a rude, interrupting adult.”

Levy-Pounds felt she was being disrespected as she confronted the majority white board about having Black and brown representatives. Levy-Pounds even pointed out the women’s white privilege. In the video, she states that Wielinski was using her privilege to create a scene and overtly disrespect her in front of dozens of board members and activists.

“I’m not your child. Don’t ever talk to me like that again,” Levy-Pounds, a law professor, told Wielinski.

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