Watch: Raven-Symone Takes Shot at ‘Black Twitter’ While Failing Miserably to Defend Donald Trump

On yesterday’s edition of The View, Raven-Symoné and Whoopi Goldberg discussed Donald Trump’s latest gaffe at a rally in California on Friday.

In the clip, comedienne Whoopi Goldberg is flabbergasted that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee pointed out the lone African-American in his crowd of supporters.

His “Look at my African-American over here!” line made Goldberg cringe in disgust as she spoke about it. The comment began a discussion about Trump’s long history of racial and discriminatory incidents.

“You really want to watch it when you say there’s my African-American,” the comedienne says. “Clearly you missed the remake of ‘Roots.’ ”

Goldberg goes on to say that just because a person is ‘part this or that’ it does not mean they are not American.

That’s when Raven-Symoné chimed in. She immediately brought up her now infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey where she stated that she is just American.

“I’ve tried that,” she says. “Black Twitter is still hating on me [for my comments].”

The actress and singer took a quick swipe at Black Twitter for their relentless attacks against her and began defending Trump.

She says that Trump is just a product of his time.

“I honestly don’t think he knows what he is saying.”

Comedienne Joy Behar dispels the idea that Trump is innocent. She mentions a comment he made years ago about not liking Black men counting his money and that he prefers Jews to do it.

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