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White Mom and Sons Hurled Racial Slurs, Beat, Try to Drown Black Teen at an Illinois Campground

A white mother and her two sons brutalized, harassed, hurled racial slurs at, and nearly drowned a Black teen while at a Canton, Illinois campground this past weekend.

ABC 7 Chicago reports that 42-year-old Carrie Weller and her two sons Corry, 21 and Shane, 19 were caught on video attacking and yelling racial slurs at a 15-year-old Black teen.

According to police, Carrie Weller and her eldest son were arrested at the Canton Lake campground on Sunday after officers responded to a call regarding the fight in that area. The youngest son, Shane, was taken into police custody Wednesday night.

“They started beating him up and held him underwater until he was pretty much not breathing,” the victim’s mother, Tina Foley told ABC 7 Chicago.

Since their arrests, the three suspects have been charged with battery, mob action, and committing a hate crime, according to police.

“I’m proud to be from Illinois, because I tell people from Alabama, you know, it’s not like that up there. And hell, here I’ve got a video of people trying to drown my brother, call him the n-word,” said older brother Jordan Foley.

The 15-year-old had minor injuries and is fine but traumatized.

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8 thoughts on “White Mom and Sons Hurled Racial Slurs, Beat, Try to Drown Black Teen at an Illinois Campground

  1. why in the world do Black people think these people are any different in the East, North or West as opposed to the South? They are the SAME. SMH @ the charge being battery, not surprised. Glad the boy is fine. ATL Blk star, please get a new video code or something, because it's laggy.

  2. Holding the kid's head under water is definately attempted murder.

  3. Lewanay Khan says:

    Wait till Trump is elected. He may even legalize lynching!

  4. Sean McInally no it's not wrong. When a story like this cannot be located on not one major news station and the only site I could find it on was black star. That is something like a conspiracy. I'm sorry if you disagree with me but realistically if the races were flipped this story would be at the least more easily located. I shouldn't have to go to a black website to find it. Believe it or not racism does exist on either side and yes I'm sure white people which obviously choose the major news stories because obviously we both know that white people are mainly in charge of 90 sum % of them. They choose to convenient ignore this story partially for rating and partially because they do not want the story getting a lot of media attention. I'm sure the later part is for various reasons. Obviously since your WHITE you can't empathize with my point of view and that is fine ( I guess) but 100% stand by what I said. And just so you know I don't have anything against white people, I do however have a problem when an innocent person is attacked because of their ethnicity and it is treated like its no big deal.

  5. Albert Ervin says:


  6. Joan Sutton says:

    I bet they're Trump voters.

  7. Lois Walker says:

    I am sick and tired of it also!!!

  8. Dennis Moore says:

    Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho , off to jail they go. Three more caucazoids off the street.

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