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Airbnb Host to Customer: ‘Find Another Place to Rest Your N***** Head’

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Business Tech

After Black customers shared their poor experiences with temporary lodging website Airbnb with the hashtag #AirbnbWhileBlack, one woman has come forward to share some demeaning messages a white host told her friend.

Shani Taylor named the person in question in a now-deleted tweet.

“This was only one of several really awful remarks made by the host, Todd Warner,” she wrote May 31.

Taylor followed that up with a screenshot of the exchange with Warner. It shows he initially accepted the reservation.

“I hate n—— so I’m gonna cancel you,” he began. Ten minutes later he follows up the message with more cruelty.

“This is the south, darling. Find another place to rest your n—– head.”

The Kellogg School student’s friend was looking to stay in North Carolina, according to The Root. Taylor tagged Airbnb in the tweet hoping for a response.

After receiving tweets of support and shared disgust from others, she got the following reply.

Taylor thanked the company for their answer but was not told whether Warner’s account had been removed. However, the Airbnb help account assured her the issue was not tolerated.

The story comes after the company was faced with a class-action lawsuit last month calling them out for racism. Atlanta Black Star reports Airbnb denied allegations at the time, including ones like those shared in the Twitter campaign earlier in May. Many users said they only found success with lodging when they changed their profile pictures and names to hide their race.

In response to the suit, the company stated their anti-discrimination is against “content that promotes discrimination, bigotry, racism, hatred, harassment or harm against any individual or group, and we require all users to comply with local laws and regulations.”

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