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Baltimore Activist Demands Megachurch Pastor Leave His Neighborhood in Intense Standoff: ‘You F***ing With Our Oppressors’

Earlier this week, Baltimore activists were outraged over the acquittal of police officer Edward Nero involved in the death of Freddie Gray. However, one activist had an issue with a controversial pastor who he believed was coming into the neighborhood for selfish and opportunistic reasons.

In the now viral video, Pastor Jamal Bryant is confronted by Baltimore activist and resident PFK Boom.

Pastor Bryant is the leader of the northwest Baltimore-based Empowerment Temple megachruch with a congregation of 12,000.

According to the Christian Post, the activist known as PFK Boom was born Davon Neverdon. The Baltimore resident is the co-founder of a youth empowerment group called “300 Gangstas.”

The group started when a truce between Baltimore Crips and Bloods was forged. The rival gangs decided that fighting against police brutality last year after Freddie Gray’s death was more important than beef.

The activist calls the pastor a disgrace and an embarrassment.

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7 thoughts on “Baltimore Activist Demands Megachurch Pastor Leave His Neighborhood in Intense Standoff: ‘You F***ing With Our Oppressors’

  1. This is sad, this Boom Activist and his hoodrat wife the real embarrassment

  2. Dissension and Disrespect…. Classic "crabs in a barrel mentality"…It's the primary reason we fail to accomplish anything positive in our black communities. There will never be justice for our people because we lack unity. The Activist and hoodrat rapper are the real embarrassment

  3. Are they? I mean i hate to see brothas goin at each other like this, but i gotta wonder. I mean let's face it, the Black christian church is a pretty self serving impotent institution and Jamal Bryant is a pastor of a mega church/mega money maker. Sadly these churches and their pastors keep black folk in a holding pattern of 'hoping and praying', instead of 'doing and empowering'. Ill give more consideration to the grassroots organizations than churches or any of the other so-called organizations that claim to have the backs of the people.

  4. Man please. Every single pastor that has a tax exemption are government agents period. Their job is to keep people from protesting, fighting for their rights. They told to pray instead on purpose. Their prayers have been redirected to white Jesus anyway as God told is not to follow false idols. Color doesn't matter to some but a false image is a false image. You said all of that to say nothing. It's about separating from government agents and letting the church's know they need to leading the real fight not helping the government kill us.

  5. I understand that but he placed himself in that position. Everyone deserve to express their passion for his people. In their eyes their life is on the line and he is working with the enemy. Frankly every pastor with a tax exemption is working with the government. Our people are so dumb they just continue to follow these false prophets and worship idols.

  6. Delvin Edwards that is a sorry excuse….that is not the point of the story, he didn't have to use that vulgar language to make his point. It's useless to continue to bring up his tax exemption that has nothing to do with him showing up to support the protest.,.. I particially argree with your last statement, yes some of our people are dumb, they are alway trying to be right, excuse their negative behavior, and close minded to hearing the whole story before jumping to conclusion….

  7. There is enough ills to go around in the black community, we need everybody !! people follow pastor Jamal just like people follow that brother. Stop with the in fighting!! That's what's wrong with us. This one don't wana work with that one but they do in the same thing trying to accomplish the same mission !!…..liberate blk people!! Or he's not doing it the way we do it so he's gotta be the enemy!!thats sum nigga ish what he did to Jamal and why is this girl trying to get a rap deal?

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