Baltimore Reverend Makes Passionate Plea for Accountability After Verdict: ‘Freddie Gray Did Not Kill Himself’


A Baltimore area pastor shares his grievances after hearing that officer Edward Nero—-one of the six officers charged with the death of Baltimore man Freddie Gray— was acquitted.

Rev. Westley West talks to Baltimore’s WJZ 13 news about how officer Nero’s acquittal is an injustice to the Black residents of the city.

West says that Black people have no voice and that the system only works for certain people. According to him, it works for the cops and the judges but fails the Black community. The reverend goes on to say that the case was not fair because the people did not have a say so in the verdict.

“Freddie Gray did not kill himself and someone needs to be held accountable,” West declared. ” We are looking for someone to be held accountable.”


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