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Solange Sets Fan Straight Who Said Her Son Learning French Is European and Won’t Get Him into Heaven

Solange Instagram

Solange Instagram

When Solange shared a video of her son reciting a piece in French, one commenter came after her for it – and the singer wasn’t having it. The Saint Records founder posted a clip of her son Daniel Julez Smith, Jr. at his fifth-grade graduation May 24. While many fans excitedly congratulated the 11-year-old, user cheryce_s criticized his mom for teaching him a European language.

“What Was the [point] of him learning and speaking French?” the woman asked. “Is [F]rench going to get him into heaven? Is French in his history? Is he French? Guide him to read and study African history, culture, language, etc. and The bible! His history! That’s what is important. Stop raising our black little boys to be Euro men. #imjustsaying.”

The remark was later deleted, but not before Solange clapped back at the statement.


Beyoncé’s younger sister educated the user on the way European colonization has influenced how Blacks currently act in society, including speaking English. She explained the decision to “embark on the French Immersion journey was actually made with the hopes of him being able to travel to many countries in Africa and connect, experience, and learn.”

She continues, “He has since, been able to use that line of communication in Senegal, Rwanda, and Morocco and make incredible friends, experiences, and moments in his life that I believe will be lasting and defining ones.”

Solange completes her response by saying, “what works for us, may not work for your family…. but today…I am damn proud of my soon to be 6th grader.”

Many fans sided with the singer and took up for her, acknowledging how ridiculous the idea was that French was a way for her son to get into heaven.

“When did a language define your race and rather you get into heaven or not,” wrote user danghewild. “PASSING JUDGMENT (sin) = hell.”

Another commenter by the name of hamberrose said, “being negative on a positive post about a little black boy and his academic achievements isn’t getting you into heaven either. First class ticket to hater hell. Blessings.”

View Julez’s graduation video below.


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