She Shared Her Success on Social Media and the Haters Couldn’t Manage — But She Has the Last Laugh

Last week, a Tuscaloosa, Alabama high school valedictorian was at the epicenter of social media bullying and hate because she shared her academic achievements online.

According to Tuscaloosa’s WIAT, Mari Filer graduated last Tuesday from Central High School with a 4.56 GPA and was accepted into 39 colleges with millions in scholarships.

After obtaining her great success, Mari decided to tell her Twitter followers about her academic conquests.

“My caption was: ‘graduated as valedictorian, with a 4.56 GPA, over 24 college credits, and over 2.8 million dollars in scholarships,’ ” she said.

After the tweet went viral with more than 50,000 retweets, she was bombarded with comments from sexist trolls, which included jealousy and extreme animosity among the praise.

“A man said what…what was she doing out of the kitchen?…that’s a lie, she’s doing this to boost her ego, she’s trying to make herself look better by doing this and that, you can’t even get above a 4.0 GPA, but okay, where are you going to school, Mars university,” Filer told the reporter.

Even though she was attacked for her great accomplishments, the academic scholar said that “this type of success is available to anybody.”

In the fall, Mari will attend Florida A&M University on a full ride, just as her father did.

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